When an outbreak occurs in any region or country, the financial and physical implications can be devastating to the industries related to it. Applied Biosystems animal diagnostic solutions offer fast, scalable, and accurate performance to help ensure that you stay ahead of any pathogenic outbreak and take action quickly to ensure the safety of the rest of the animals. Our qPCR and ELISA solutions are world-renowned and have been trusted by our customers for over 100 years.

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Avian diseases are nothing new to the world of animal health and we’ve developed a strong portfolio to monitor and diagnose these diseases. Explore the diagnostic kits we offer for avian pathogen detection.

Our ruminant experience doesn’t end with bovine. Our ovine and caprine solutions provide precise diagnostics for veterinary groups around the world.

Domesticated animals are not excluded from those who need to be monitored for pathogens. Applied Biosystems offers multiple solutions to ensure that companion animals remain healthy and safe.

Fish or shrimp, Applied Biosystems offers solutions to diagnose pathogens across multiple species of aquaculture.

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