When a disease reaches a swine farm or production facility, the financial and physical implications can be devastating to the industry and those related to it. Applied Biosystems branded solutions offer fast, scalable, and accurate performance to help ensure that you can stay ahead of any pathogenic outbreak and take action quickly to ensure the safety of the rest of the herd. Our qPCR and ELISA solutions are world-renowned and have been trusted by our customers for over 100 years.

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Check out an extensive list of porcine diseases to learn more about them and the solutions we provide to help protect your herd from them.

The presence of FMD is a significant economic threat to the livelihood of the livestock industry due to the resulting culling of herds and restriction on meat exports from affected areas. Domesticated species, cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats are susceptible to FMD.

Swine respiratory diseases have a significant impact around the world and are responsible for proven important productivity losses in pig herds. Often, multiple infectious agents are involved: virus, bacteria, mycoplasma, and parasites are all potential causes.

To support veterinarians, we’ve created a series of best practice guides that outline how, where, and when to take samples from pigs for submission to diagnostic laboratories.

Veterinarians and producers rely on your guidance to help ensure the health of their pig herds. And their main request is clear: reliable, timely test results from a variety of sample types. We’ve created PRRSV diagnostic solutions that evolve with your needs.

Food safety is an important consideration for consumers, and food derived from animals presents unique safety challenges. In particular, there are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans (zoonotic diseases), which place an increased responsibility on producers, manufacturers, and food retailers to ensure adequate food safety throughout the entire supply chain.

For Veterinary Use Only. For In Vitro Use Only. Regulatory requirements vary by country; products may not be available in your geographic area.