African Swine Fever Detection

African swine fever virus (ASFV)

African Swine fever (ASF) is the result of a formidable, double-stranded DNA virus linked to the induction of haemorrhagic fever, which has been observed to lead to high mortality rates in pigs. However, the extent of mortality rates appears to have a wide range, potentially influenced by the virulence of the specific virus. There have been observations of some isolates that have been associated with the death of animals in a remarkably short span of time post-infection. Interestingly, the ASF virus seems to have a distinct preference for swine species. It has been noted that it does not replicate readily in species other than swine.


This is a highly resilient virus that displays an impressive ability to withstand variations in both pH and temperature, including freeze and thaw cycles. It can retain its infectious ability over extended periods, whether at room temperature or when preserved at 4ºC. Heating to 60ºC for 30 minutes may affect the virus's viability in body fluids and serum, but the situation changes when it comes to unprocessed pig meat. The virus behaves differently in this context, remaining viable for weeks and requiring a higher temperature of 70ºC for the same time period to be inactivated.


ASF is a disease listed in the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) Terrestrial Animal Health Code and must be reported to the WOAH Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

VetMAX African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit 2.0

The Applied Biosystems VetMAX African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit 2.0 is a single-well triplex real-time PCR test, updated with both endogenous and exogenous IPC controls for the detection of African swine fever virus (ASFV). With pooling capabilities for up to 20 samples and thermal cycling conditions of less than 40 minutes, this kit is able to efficiently collect and test more samples.


The VetMAX ASFV Detection Kit 2.0 serves as an effective instrument for the preliminary identification of ASFV in different samples from pigs and wild boars. Validated for detection of ASFV in whole blood, serum, tissue, oral fluids, swabs, and meat juices, this kit is helpful in managing the disease spread and tracking the virus post-outbreaks.


Features of the VetMAX ASFV Detection Kit include:

  • Endogenous and exogenous controls—control of sample quality and animal origin; can detect PCR (partial) inhibition
  • Pooling up to 20 samples—gather more samples with less labor using oral fluids
  • Thermal cycling in <40 mins—save time and increase efficiency in the lab

VetMAX African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit

The Applied Biosystems VetMAX African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit has been used since the 2015 outbreaks in Europe, Africa, and Asia for clinical confirmation and detection of ASFV in domestic and wild pigs. This real-time PCR-based test is the first WOAH-registered kit for ASF and has been validated by the WOAH as fit-for-purpose for the detection of ASFV in blood, serum, and tissues of domestic and wild pigs (including wild boars).


The VetMAX ASFV Detection Kit is a useful tool for early detection of ASFV in various matrices from pigs and wild boars in order to confirm a diagnosis and help ensure the pigs are free of ASFV. It helps enable control of the spread of disease and monitors circulating virus following outbreaks.


Features of the VetMAX ASFV Detection Kit include:

  • Validated by the European Union Reference Laboratory for ASF (EURL, CISA-INIA, Spain)
  • Validated by the WOAH and listed in the WOAH Register of diagnostic kits
  • Detects all currently available genotypes
  • Allows users to test pools of up to 10 samples
  • Contains a ready-to-use master mix for the detection of the ASFV target and the internal positive control (IPC)
  • Delivers results in less than three hours

Kit specifications

Example real-time PCR workflow from sampling to result

Direct samples or those collected using GenoTube Livestock Swabs

36 min using the MagMAX CORE Nucleic Acid Purification Kit with a KingFisher instrument

90 min using the VetMAX ASFV Detection Kit with a real-time PCR instrument such as the QuantStudio 5 system

PrioCHECK African Swine Fever Virus Ab Kit

Our innovative African Swine Fever ELISA product, specifically designed for the precise detection of antibodies against the African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). This kit provides an efficient and reliable way to confirm ASFV presence, aiding in swift disease management and control. Stay one step ahead in maintaining swine health with our latest ELISA ASFV detection solution.


The PrioCHECK African Swine Fever Virus Ab Kit is validated for both pig and boar species. Utilizing serum as the sample matrix, this innovative solution offers excellent accuracy and reliability in ASFV detection, supporting optimal swine health management.


Features of the PrioCHECK African Swine Fever Virus Ab Kit include:

  • Species: pigs and wild boars
  • Sample matrix: serum
  • Up to 92 samples/plate (480 wells/5 plates)
  • Time-to-results: as fast as 105 min
  • Ready-to-use components
  • All steps at room temperature


Designed with antigen ASFV p30, our kit is able to detect ASFV in an early stage of infection. ASFV p30 is a major structural protein of the ASFV, and its presence indicates an active infection. An early detection of ASFV is critical for effective disease management and control. Moreover, early detection helps in timely treatment of affected animals, potentially reducing mortality rates.

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