PRRSV diagnostic solutions that evolve with your needs

Veterinarians and producers rely on your guidance to help ensure the health of their pig herds. And their main request is clear: reliable, timely test results from a variety of sample types.

We can partner with your lab to design a solution that adapts to your evolving needs and produces actionable PRRSV (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus) test results. We develop unique diagnostic schemes for PRRSV, with sampling, sample preparation tools, and workflows for real-time PCR and ELISAs.

The use of both molecular and serological tests gives the most complete picture of herd status because each measures a different aspect of the PRRS virus. 


The GenoTube Livestock Swab is designed to quickly dry and stabilize fluid samples, enabling you to ship high-quality samples to the lab

  • Easy transport and shipping—no cooling required
  • Helps reduce costs for cooled transport or time-critical transport requirements, and costs for sample storage
  • Validated for oral fluids and blood samples
  • Optimized sample extraction protocols for PCR and ELISA
  • Recommended by FLI in Germany as sampling tool for ASF

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Oral fluid sampling that is animal-welfare friendly is already standard practice in some countries

  • A single oral fluid sample can be used to test for multiple respiratory pathogens
  • Used as a sample matrix, testing oral fluids allows for the detection of nucleic acid from PRRSV in an early infection stage with the same performance (sensitivity) as blood, serum, and other validated matrices
  • Provides an opportunity to potentially increase the number of pigs tested
  • Option to use GenoTube to collect oral fluid samples from wringed robes
  • Workflow compatible with existing laboratory processes

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We’ve created a series of best practice guides that outline how, where, and when to take samples from pigs for submission to diagnostic laboratories.

See all guidelines for taking diagnostic samples from pigs

Individual sample Individual samples
  • Serum
  • Blood/serum
  • Oral fluid
  • Semen
  • Tissue
  • Organ
  • Swab
  • GenoTube
  Pooled samples 
  • Oral fluid
  • GenoTube
  • Serum
  • Semen

Real-time PCR tests for PRRS virus detection

Real-time PCR is the most sensitive method to provide clear proof of PRRS infection or non-infection. In cases where a positive result is found, the nucleic acid can be used for sequencing. We have access to PRRS virus samples from different parts of the world, enabling us to follow and monitor genetic changes to the virus. Applied Biosystems VetMAX PCR testing detects all currently known North American (NA) and European (EU) strains.

The VetMAX PRRSV EU & NA 2.0 Kit

A second generation of real-time RT-PCR kit to detect and differentiate European and North American genotypes of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in a variety of swine samples

  • Ready to use triplex RT-PCR kits that simultaneously amplify target RNA of EU and NA PRRSV and exogenous internal control
  • Advanced design targets all four subtypes of EU PRRSV circulating strains plus specific detection of NA PRRSV strains, including PRRSV HP strain
  • LDRT-PCR for PRRSV targets has been evaluated at 9 copies/RT-PCR in fast mode, in mono and co-infection
  • Individual: serum, whole blood, tissue, oral fluid & semen. Pools of up to 5: serum, whole blood, and semen.
  • Simple and fast workflow yields results in one hour 50 minutes
  • Evaluated on 780 field samples of 13 origins tested as part of 5 external studies conducted in Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, and UK

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Applied Biosystems VetMAX PRRSV NA and EU reagents are used for the amplification of NA and EU PRRSV nucleic acids

  • Best suited for regions where PRRS NA strain is most prevalent
  • Easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of sample matrices
  • Included Applied Biosystems Xeno RNA internal positive control enables monitoring of nucleic acid isolation efficacity as well as PCR inhibition
  • Extensive bioinformatics capabilities
  • Standardized results to help reduce variability
  • Part of fully integrated, single-vendor workflow

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VetMAS NAX and EU RRRSV Reagents

Optimized qPCR workflow combining sample preparation and amplification solutions

The Applied Biosystems MagMAX sample preparation system helps make purifying nucleic acids from pigs’ samples convenient, flexible, and efficient. MagMAX nucleic acid isolation kits along with Thermo Scientific KingFisher Express magnetic particle processors assist the diagnostic laboratory in obtaining the best possible PCR result from the sample. Whether it’s an oral fluid sample collected with a GenoTube Livestock swab, a blood sample, or a tissue sample, the goal is to enable a high level of reliability in the results.

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Advantages of the PrioCHECK PRRSV Antibody ELISA Kit

The PrioCHECK PRRSV Antibody ELISA Kit shows high correlation with the most frequently used ELISA in the field, and is therefore a powerful alternative in the PRRSV serology test market. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive portfolio of PRRSV solutions to support your lab's unique ELISA workflow requirements.

ELISA test for detection of antibodies against PRRS virus

The Applied Biosystems PrioCHECK Porcine PRRSV Ab Strip kit is an ELISA test for monitoring and surveillance of PRRSV in pig herds.

  • Designed for the detection of porcine antibodies against both North American and European serotypes of PRRSV in serum samples
  • Plates coated with ORF 7 protein help ensure highly sensitive and specific detection of type 1 and 2 virus serotypes
  • Shows high correlation with the most frequently used ELISA in the field
  • Fast and robust test suited for testing of large numbers of samples
  • Procedure consists of a simple four-step ELISA protocol
  • Conveniently analyze 90 prepared samples in approximately 150 minutes

Available ELISA workflow solutions and instruments include the ELISA washer, ELISA reader, and ELISA interpretation software (SkanIt). Please contact us for more information.

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