Date Press Release Title
05/08/2018  Thermo Fisher Scientific Research Advances PRRS and PED Diagnostics
12/04/2017  New Module Fully Integrates Johne’s Disease Testing into Laboratory Workflow
10/17/2017  AAVLD and Thermo Fisher Scientific Announce Recipients of Innovation in Veterinary Diagnostic Medicine Grant Program
08/21/2017  New Comprehensive Approach Aims to Modernize 100-Year-Old Meat Inspection Process
08/15/2017  New Swine Coronavirus Detection Kit Helps Strengthen Biosecurity
06/01/2017  PCR Testing Can Eliminate BVD Persistently Infected Cycle
05/03/2017  Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Innovative Diagnostic Solutions Help Protect Global Swine Industry
04/19/2017  Trichomoniasis Outbreak Hits Beef Cattle Herds in Kansas


 New Sample Prep Solution Provides Consistent Performance While Saving Time, Money


 New Bovine Tuberculosis Detection Kit Expands Options and Reduces Program Costs


 USDA Licenses Diagnostic Kit to Improve Management of Johne’s Disease in Cattle

06/07/2016  Thermo Fisher Scientific Research Monitors Genetic Diversity of European PRRSV
05/02/2016  Field Study Demonstrates Accurate Diagnosis of African Swine Fever
02/08/2016  Internal Positive Control Reagent Improves Accuracy of Veterinary Diagnostic Tests
10/26/2015  French Authorities and Industry Mobilize to Contain Recent Bluetongue Outbreak
07/15/2015  Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Safer, Cleaner Method to Test Swine Carcasses for Trichinella - A Safer Alternative to the Current Pepsin Digestion Method
06/22/2015  OIE Approves Registration of BOVIGAM TB Kit in Diagnostics Manual, Boosting Global Effort to Manage Bovine Tuberculosis
10/31/2014  Top Beef, Dairy Thought Leaders Discuss BVDV Eradication at Symposium
03/17/2014  Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Animal Diagnostics Business Through Acquisition of
Prionics AG
01/16/2014  Introducing the First USDA-Licensed Real-Time PCR Test for the Detection of Tritrichomonas foetus DNA in Bulls
11/19/2013  Expert Panel Defines the Need to Harmonize Trichomoniasis Regulation and Testing Procedures