The only USDA-licensed, real-time PCR test to detect Trich in cattle

We've been a driving force behind the recent advances in production animal diagnostics, and are now one of the leading suppliers of modern diagnostic tools to veterinary laboratories around the world.

In keeping with our continued commitment to next-generation molecular tools, the VetMAX™-Gold Trich Detection Kit is now available—the only USDA-licensed, real-time PCR test for the detection of Tritrichomonas foetus (T. foetus) in cattle.

T. foetus is a sexually transmitted disease that causes embryonic loss and infertility, resulting in significant economic loss within the cattle industry due to open (nonpregnant) and late-calving cows.

Bulls are the carrier of T. foetus and show no outward signs of this untreatable infection. In order to effectively manage this disease, it’s crucial for bulls to undergo diagnostic testing before females are exposed to the bulls.

A federally approved detection test for T. foetus

The approval of the VetMAX™-Gold Trich Detection Kit is based on the successful completion of the USDA’s stringent review process, which confirms both the effectiveness of our real-time PCR test and the compliance of the production and quality systems within our manufacturing site.

Veterinary diagnosticians have relied on our molecular reagents and instrumentation to detect and control disease, and now with our VetMAX™-Gold Trich product they have a federally approved diagnostic test for T.foetus containing all the necessary reagents and controls in a single detection kit.

Confidence in results

Our PCR solution accurately confirms a negative result with one sample, compared to the three samples required by culture testing.

Faster results

The simplified test workflow enables fast, accurate results—helping cattle producers accelerate the speed of commerce.

Greater cost savings

Real-time PCR sensitivity and specificity allow for sampling pooling, enabling greater costs efficiencies of tests.

The advantages of real-time PCR

Culture-based testing for T.foetus requires the collection of up to three cultures during a three-week period. This demands a considerable investment of time into a process that can potentially impact accuracy, the bottom line, and the welfare of an animal.

An alternative to the culture testing method, VetMAX™-Gold Trich Detection Kits use a real-time PCR technology that only requires a single sample to arrive at a rapid result.

The test process:

  • Is less invasive and less dangerous for animal and handler
  • Helps improve workflow efficiency, quality control, and reproducibility across labs
  • Enables pooling of up to five samples, for greater cost efficiencies of tests (due to the sensitivity of real-time PCR)

Harmonization of Trich regulations

We hosted an event attended by state veterinarian to discuss the harmonization of regulations and the diagnostic testing standardization of Tritrichomonas foetus. See below to view presentations provided by the speaker panel.*

Dr Kathy Simmons

Dr. Kathy Simmons
Chief Veterinarian
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
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Dr Bill Brown

Dr. Bill Brown
Animal Health Commissioner
Kansas Department of Agriculture
How Kansas implemented regulations and testing methods ›

Dr Jeremy VanBoening

Dr. Jeremy VanBoening
Republican Valley Medical Center
How standardization benefits vets and their clients ›

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Life Technologies Introduces First USDA-Licensed Real-Time PCR Test for the Detection of Tritrichomonas foetus DNA in Bulls

Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) today announced the availability of the only USDA-licensed, real-time PCR test to detect Tritrichomonas foetus (T. foetus) – a sexually transmitted disease in cattle that leads to early embryonic losses and infertility, resulting in significant economic impact to the cattle industry due to open (non-pregnant) and late-calving cows.

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