Maximize profitability with bulk material handling solutions that are rugged, reliable, and efficient

Bulk material handling systems circulate a vast array of commodities 24/7 around mines, electric utilities, and processing plants across the globe. Whether you’re conveying ore or aggregate, cement, coal, chemicals, or cereal, these are the systems that keep processes moving. Longevity, exemplary reliability, and efficiency are non-negotiable since all impact the bottom line. Solutions that deliver high uptime and low operational costs, over decades, are the key to maximizing throughput and asset utilization.

We offer all the components you need to develop a customized, highly effective bulk material weighing and monitoring solution. With a track record of success spanning decades, a worldwide presence and experts that know your application, we deliver the performance you need to succeed. Robust, well-established supply chains underpin our commitment to the on-time delivery of both products and services.

Belt scales are a central element of bulk material handling systems. Specified to handle the process flow with ease – whether crushed rock, abrasive powder, or corrosive chemical – they weigh to a defined level of accuracy with certified measurement for basis-of-payment especially demanding. Density gauges and other instrumentation add critical information for optimal process and inventory control, while tramp metal detectors, safety switches, condition monitors and trips protect equipment and personnel alike.

Build a bulk material weighing and monitoring solution that works for you

We will work with you to specify and implement a bulk material weighing and monitoring system that works for your material. Our experts combine trusted products from our portfolio to build optimized, cost-effective, and reliable solutions, whatever your requirements and constraints.

Talk to us about weighing and monitoring systems. About conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders, integrators, and controllers. About tramp metal detectors, safety switches, level indicators and other specialty process control instruments. About the tangible benefits of a Thermo Scientific bulk material handling solution.

Belt scale conveyors: A foundation for efficient, reliable process monitoring

Belt scale conveyors: A foundation for efficient, reliable process monitoring

Belt scale conveyors provide vital information for the efficient operation of your business, underpinning the effectiveness of any bulk material handling system. They monitor production output and inventory, providing data to help you to accurately regulate product loadout and ensure the precise feeding of process materials for consistent product quality and optimal profitability.

We’re one of the world’s leading providers of belt scales with a portfolio of versatile, rugged, high-performance solutions. Whether you are feeding ingredients to a food preparation plant, ore to a crusher or cement to a waiting lorry we have a belt scale that’s right for you.

Ramsey Series 14 Belt Scale Systems

Ramsey Series 14 Belt Scale System

A precision system for high accuracy, high speed belts, high tonnages, and/or basis-of-payment applications.

Ramsey Series 17

Ramsey Series 17 Belt Scale System

A multi-idler system for process control offering enhanced accuracy for processes with fast dynamics.

Ramsey Series 20

Ramsey Series 20 Belt Scale System

A rugged system for routine use in process management, even in the harshest of environments.

Ramsey Series 30

Ramsey Series 30 Belt Scale System

A low profile, cost-effective system for process management applications.

Ramsey Series IDEA

Ramsey IDEA Belt Scale System

A compact, easy to install belt scale for process monitoring.

Bulk monitoring in coal terminal

Conveyor belt safety switches and monitors: Preventing accidents, protecting equipment, and maximizing uptime

Conveyor belt safety switches and monitors help to maintain safety and efficiency. By continuously monitoring for potentially hazardous conditions and alerting operators accordingly they keep personnel safe, prevent equipment damage, and minimize unplanned shutdown, directly boosting the bottom line.

Our belt safety switches and monitors are rugged and reliable. Trust them to detect routine operational problems, and in an emergency.

Ramsey 60-23P Switch

Ramsey Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch

Monitor rotational velocity to detect under speed or slippage.

Ramsey Proline Conveyor Protection Switches

Ramsey Pro-line Conveyor Protection Switches

Respond quickly and effectively to operational hazards.

Ramsey Series 60

Ramsey Series 60-200 Motion Monitoring Systems

Monitor under-, over- and zero-speed to optimize productivity.

Ramsey Belt Speed Sensor

Ramsey Digital Belt Speed Sensors

Monitor belt speed accurately and reliably, use in conjunction with a belt scale calculate flow rate and rapidly detect mal-operation.

Bulk monitoring in industrial zone with steel pipes

Density gauges: Providing vital information for process optimization

Density gauges measure liquid density or slurry solid loadings generating vital information for process control and optimization. Robust density monitoring is essential for industries ranging from mineral processing and water treatment to food processing and paper/pulp.

Non-intrusive and non-contact, our digital density gauge offers reliable monitoring for a very wide range of applications.

DDG3 Digital Density Gauge

DDG3 Digital Density Gauge

Nuclear technology for reliable measurement even at high temperature and for toxic and/or corrosive streams. Simply clamps to the outside of a pipe with no need for a plant shutdown to install.

Note: Not available in all geographies, please contact our sales representatives.

Bulk cargo monitoring in port terminal

Level measurement: Safeguarding continuous operation

Level measurement helps to safeguard continuous, controlled material flow thereby supporting optimal process operation. By alerting operators to bin overflows, plugged chutes and empty bins it triggers the responsive action necessary to keep processes working without interruption, preventing unplanned shutdowns, and maximizing plant throughput.

Our continuous level sensors deliver stable measurement even in the harshest, most demanding of process environments for both liquids and solids.

Ramsey C Level

Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator

Low maintenance, trouble-free measurement for liquid and bulk solid inventory

Ramsey Mercury-Free Tilt Sensor

Bulk material conveying in open pit mine

Tramp metal detectors: Protecting expensive assets from damage

Tramp metal detectors protect expensive process equipment such as crushers and conveyors from damage by the metallic scrap that can all too easily contaminate bulk material flows. By detecting scrap such as bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains and more these detectors prevent damage and lost production, extending equipment life and enhancing the bottom line.

Our tramp metal detectors offer excellent sensitivity, reliably finding scrap that others miss, and with minimal false alarms; they can even detect tramp metal buried in wet conductive materials.

Oretronic IV Tramp Metal detector

Oretronic IV Tramp Metal Detector

Protect crushers and conveyors from metallic scrap economically and reliably.

Weighing Integrators and Controllers: Connecting systems to optimize information flow and process control

Weighing Integrators and Controllers: Connecting systems to optimize information flow and process control

Weighing integrators and controllers enable the connectivity and information flow required to establish efficient bulk weighing solutions that are easy to operate, maintain and control. By integrating products such as belt scales, weighbelt feeders and other crucial equipment they allow operators to accurately monitor production output, control product load-out and keep track of inventory.

Our weighing integrators and controllers incorporate advanced electronics for exceptional performance and serviceability, for onsite or remote operation.

Ramsey Flex

Ramsey Flex Belt Scale Integration Solution

State-of-the-art digitizers and integrators for your belt scale system

Ramsey Microtech 9000

Ramsey Micro-Tech 9000 Electronics Platform

A flexible solution for a wide range of bulk material weighing systems.

Bulk material monitoring at ship terminal

Weighbelt feeders: Ensuring precise bulk material delivery

Weighbelt feeders deliver process materials at a precise controlled rate helping to reduce waste and maintain blend consistency. In this way they safeguard product quality, allowing manufacturers and processors to robustly meet customer specifications while at the same time maximizing margins.

Our weighbelt feeder systems cover a wide range of materials offering reliable and accurate performance, even for dry, dusty, or variable-density materials.

Ramsey Model 90.125 Mid-Range Weighbelt Feeder

Ramsey Model 90-125 Mid-range Weighbelt Feeder

A rugged, easy-to-maintain system for moderate to high flows.

Ramsey Model 90.150 Low Capacity Weighbelt Feeder

Ramsey Model 90-150 Low Capacity Weighbelt Feeder

A high sensitivity, easy-to-clean system for accurate weighing of the lightest materials.

Service and support: Safeguarding performance over the long term

Service and support for bulk material handling equipment maintains accuracy and increases longevity. Effective solutions can improve the efficacy of scheduled maintenance, minimize downtime and over the long term protect return on investment.

Our service plans include remote servicing, proactive and preventative maintenance, and onsite corrective maintenance to keep belt scales and tramp metal detectors working at peak performance. We only use manufacturer-approved parts and our services are delivered by experts. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fixed-price contract, tailored to your requirements.

Learn more about the services on our bulk materials handling solutions here.

Comparison tables

Belt scale product comparison table

Belt scale product comparison table

We offer a range of belt scale solutions to ensure an optimal system for each application. Take a look at our comparison table to see what factors should affect your choice and to identify the best option for you.

View comparison table

Oretronic Tramp Metal Detectors Product Comparison Table

Tramp metal detectors product comparison table

Examine a back-to-back comparison of our two tramp metal detector designs to see how they differ, and which will work best for your application.

View comparison table

Frequently asked questions

The intended purpose is a primary factor since this defines the required accuracy. We distinguish three types of application: fee, trade, or custody transfer, which typically require certified accuracy between 0.125 to 0.25%; process management or control, where +/- 0.25 to 0.5% is usually acceptable; and process monitoring, where +/- 3% may be all that’s required.

Other important considerations include the mass of material being handled and the speed of the belt. A heavy-duty belt scale is needed for higher throughput while a lighter duty model may be sufficient, and cheaper, if flow rates allow. Regarding belt speed, faster speeds are more demanding, with more idlers required to ensure an accurate reading, all other factors being equal.

The key components of a belt scale are the weigh or scale carriage, the speed sensor, and the integrator.  The weigh carriage holds load cells that deflect in response to the mass of material travelling over the idlers. The speed sensor measures belt speed. The signals from both devices are fed to the integrator, typically via a digitizer, a signal conversion device. The integrator or mass totalizer then performs the required maths, producing an accurate reading of total mass and  mass flow rate.

Many of our customers buy complete belt scale systems, and we endorse that approach, but we happily supply individual components because there are instances when this is helpful. For example, speed sensors, a relatively inexpensive part of the system, are often the first element to need replacement and keeping a spare on hand is commonplace. Digitizers and integrators on the other hand are routinely the focus of more substantial upgrades as new functionality becomes available.

Yes, it is, for belt scales, and in the near future we expect it to be covering all applications including those requiring traceable, trade certification. The launch of Ramsey Flex is a good illustration of how evolving digitizer and integrator technology can prompt an upgrade, with no need to change other elements of the belt scale. It offers superior robustness, ease-of-use, and state-of-the-art connectivity, for customers looking to enhance performance. Crucially, all communication protocols are available out-of-the-box, including MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, Ethernet I/P, and PROFINET; PROFIBUS is also an option. This makes upgrading relatively straight forward.

This is a difficult question because the answer depends on, for instance, the quality of what you buy, the materials being handled and maintenance practice.  However, ‘decades’ is a reasonable expectation which highlights the crucial point that these systems are a long-term investment. Obviously, upfront costs are critical but ease-of-operation, long-term reliability and supplier longevity and reputation deserve serious consideration. You will have to use and maintain this system, day in day out for a long time. It makes sense to think hard about possible weaknesses and the support you’ll be able to access should you need it.

It’s realistic to complete installation in a routine planned shutdown, over no more than a few days. You’ll need to empty the conveyor and lift it, to install the belt scale underneath. With some systems it may then be as simple as drilling a couple of mounting bolt holes but with a bigger, larger footprint scale more may be required. Access can be an issue and should be considered when deciding on a location. Aim for a flat section of the belt with no curves, away from addition or take-off points, whenever possible.

Belt scales should be relatively low maintenance and good housekeeping will go a long way to keeping them running well. Keep the belt scale and surrounding area clean and ensure that moving parts have some protection from dirt and/or falling debris. The other routine aspect of essential maintenance is to carry out zero and span calibrations. Good record keeping is worthwhile when carrying out such activities since it can make it easier to spot problems such as belt misalignment and long-term measurement errors.  

Every conveyor needs a safety pull switch for activation in the event of an emergency. It can play a critical role in protecting personnel and plant and must be 100% reliable even though it may go years without use. Here, you need something heavy duty - a truly rugged solution, engineered to sit in the process environment for years with no deterioration, even in harsh conditions.

Belt misalignment switches can be helpful in detecting a problem before belt damage occurs, typically giving the operator ample warning for remedial attention. Belt speed switches are similarly helpful in maintaining optimal performance. Choose between mechanically coupled or proximity, non-contact sensors, depending on your requirements but be mindful of selecting the correct sensor for best performance at low speeds since these present a greater monitoring challenge. Reliability and robustness may not be quite as critical for these types of switches but are still the primary factors when it comes to a choice. Look for well-engineered solutions with a track record of longevity to protect valuable assets and minimize downtime.

Nucleonic density gauges are the gold standard for measuring liquid density and the solids loading of slurries, though the need for a radiation source is undoubtedly a drawback. Set against this is the ability to generate high quality readings for the widest possible range of applications with no process flow contact. Nucleonic devices are easily installed, with no process shutdown, on the outside of pipes making them particularly valuable for abrasive and corrosive applications.

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