Continuous level measurement devices, instruments and sensors provide precise, reliable readings

Ensure consistent material feed

Prevent bin overflows, plugged chutes, and empty bins with Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ level sensors. Our continuous level measurement devices penetrate dust, steam, vapors, and other harsh environmental obstacles to provide precise, reliable readings. Microwave or nuclear point level detection and control switches monitor the silo or bin level above the weighfeeder. We offer microwave-based, non-contact flow sensors for monitoring solid flows in pipelines, ducts, air slides, and at transfer points.

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Featured level measurement products

Ramsey™ Mercury-Free Tilt Sensor

Ramsey™ Microwave Point Level Detector

Ramsey™ C-Level Continuous Level Indicator

Help eliminate failure and maintenance issues with the Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator. This level measurement device is ideally suited for inventory monitoring and process control during the load-out or filling of bins and vessels containing bulk solids or liquids.

Identify process disruptions and react quickly with the Ramsey Microwave Point Level Detector. This non-contacting detector provides high- and low-point level detection, and can see through non-metallic wall buildup to detect the presence or absence of any material.

Minimize spills, material waste, and downtime by preventing bin overflows, plugged chutes, and empty bins with Ramsey TRX Series Rotary Point Level Controls. 

Detect the presence or absence of material during point level monitoring applications of bulk solid materials in bins, vessels, and chutes with Ramsey CAP Series Capacitance Point Level Controls.

Prevent jitter and provide stability in your hazardous area applications with the Ramsey Mercury-Free Tilt Sensor. Various probe assemblies are available to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.


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