From exploration through processing

Mining operations must improve efficiency and quality -- from exploration through processing -- in order to ensure profitability. From mineral analysis to complete bulk weighing, monitoring, and sampling systems, to informatics, you will find the latest equipment and technology for your mineral and metals, coal, cement, or oil and gas exploration and mining operations.

You'll also find solutions to help keep your coal, mineral, and cement operations healthier, cleaner and safer. Mining and processing ore and minerals is a dusty undertaking. You'll find information about monitoring moisture and controlling site dust. With increased and timely awareness of quarried material chemical composition, cement producers are able to significantly reduce the amount of wasted quarried materials and help lengthen the life of the quarry. Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis, more commonly known as black lung disease, is a devastating illness that can afflict anyone exposed to coal and crystalline silica dust. Using personal dust monitors, miners can report dust concentrations in real time and take immediate action to avoid excessive airborne dust levels that can injure lungs. And personal Gamma radiation monitors can detect, locate and identify radioactive sources commonly found in soil and rocks.

Explore this virtual learning center and you will find educational articles, application notes, infographics, product spec sheets, events, videos, webinar recordings, case studies, and ebooks dealing with mining, exploration, processing, and analysis of cement, coal and minerals.

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White paper

Anion analysis of hydraulic fracturing flowback water shows high bromide from Marcellus Shale, which can have an effect on drinking water. 


Advanced Applications for Geochemical and Mining Analysis

Learn what makes geochemical samples special, how get a good random sample from a pit or quarry, and what sample prep technique is best for low concentrations. Empirical corrections vs. fundamental parameters are discussed.


Tramp metal is metallic scrap that may accidentally find its way onto conveyors and into bulk materials. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about tramp metal detectors.

Control minute-by-minute quality analysis of your most critical coal streams with the Thermo Scientific™ CQM FLEX, the ultimate online coal analyzer with the best accuracy available.

Cement, coal & minerals learning center subtopics

Cement Analysis and Production Information

Find applications and technologies for use at both the quarry and the cement plant.


Mine Exploration Information

Discover XRF technology for geochemical /oil/gas exploration, mapping, ore grade control, concentrates and tailings analysis, elemental identification and environmental compliance.

Mineral Processing Information

Explore ways to improve process control, production monitoring and automation with proven, onsite bulk weighing, monitoring and sampling solutions.

Mining Lab & Data Information

Learn how to optimize efficiencies, track throughput of continuous processes, and keep in compliance. 

Mine Safety Information

See how you can help protect your mining workers and the environment.

Coal Analysis and Production Information

Find applications and technologies for coal blending, monitoring and analysis as well as information on safety issues and equipment. 

Cement, Coal and Minerals Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, videos, webinars and white papers for the coal, minerals, and cement industries.

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