Explore how PGNAA and PFTNA work and the key features of hardware and software that support its industrial use


Welcome to our Learning Center for PGNAA, an analytical technique used by the processing industries, notably the coal, cement, minerals processing and steel sectors, for non-contact, non-destructive online measurement of the elemental composition of bulk raw materials. 


PGNAA is the acronym for Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis. It’s a technique that requires a supply of neutrons which can come from either a radioactive source, typically Cf-252, or a neutron generator via Pulsed Fast Thermo Neutron Activation (PFTNA). We pioneered PGNAA and are highly experienced in its  successful application in demanding commodity industries.


Here’s where we share our expertise and knowledge. Find the valuable information you need to accelerate and optimize the application of both PGNAA and PFTNA by browsing through the educational assets below.

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eBook: Guide to PGNAA and PFTNA technology for non-scientists

All the basics to get you started, from an introduction to the technique to an overview of how the technology  can help miners, mineral and coal processors, and cement and steel producers.

Infographic: PGNAA detection limit guidelines

See just how many elements PGNAA can measure with ease and accuracy, and examine the detection limits you can expect.

Video: CB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer

Take a closer look at PGNAA technology, at how it integrates with process plant and the features that determine performance.

Webcast: Technology considerations for bulk ore sorting

Learn about the unique benefits of PGNAA for realizing the economic and environmental potential of bulk ore sorting.

Brochure: Cost-efficient strategies for sustainable cement production

Find out how PGNAA is helping cement manufacturers to operate smarter and more economically as the drive to reduce environmental impact intensifies.

Success story: Building green mines to deliver economic and social benefits.

Read how Chinese companies are using PGNAA technology to digitize limestone mining and reap substantial economic and environmental gain.