Protect workers from toxins

Whether it’s protecting the environment by helping to ensure there are no toxins in mine tailings or in flowback water from fracking, or protecting the workers from coal dust, fugitive dust, or radiation, our products aim at helping to keep mining operations healthier, cleaner, and safer.

Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Water Analysis Using In-line Conductivity, Automated Dilution, and Ion Chromatography

Following a fracturing event, the fracturing fluid withdrawn from the well is termed flowback and consists of the original fluid plus additional components that have been mobilized from the shale layer such as salts, metals, and radioisotopes. The high levels of dissolved salts leached from bedrock are a challenge to analyzing fracking flowback solutions.

Monitoring Fugitive Dust

Fugitive dust will continue to be hazardous to both personal health and the environment due to the necessary processes that result in the creation. Different sites require different solutions, but the ability to quickly identify the concentration and possible sources of the dust is critical to achieving compliance.

An End to Black Lung Disease: How Close Are We? (3 Part Series)

Pneumoconiosis, more commonly known as Black Lung Disease, is a devastating illness that can afflict anyone exposed to coal and crystalline silica dust. This 3-part series will take a look at the risk of coal dust inhalation, mine safety and health facts, historical legislation, and how can we help prevent it.