Coal Quality Monitoring and Control

Increase efficiencies & realize fuel cost savings with optimal coal blends

Coal is still used in most cement plants globally, to deliver the energy needed for the heat inside the kiln. Potential product solutions include the Thermo Scientific CQM FLEX Coal Analyzer and the Thermo Scientific ECA-3 Elemental CrossBelt Analyzer, both powered by PGNAA technology. These analyzers control coal blends to allow cement producers to mix low cost coals with higher costs coals to provide additional cost savings in fuel, and to allow a consistent feed to the kiln.  Our belt scale offerings and tramp metal detectors provide value in production and safety.

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Products used in coal blending for coal power generation

Online and At-Line elemental analyzers are used to measure the composition of coal in real-time and proactively address process variations to ensure more consistent coal blends. The analyzer mounts around an existing conveyor belt or adjacent to a main conveyor with an in-line coal sampling unit to continuously monitor coal quality. When combined with coal blending software these unique instruments offer the most effective way to minimize variations in coal quality, ensure contract compliance, and improve efficiency.

Online and At-Line coal analyzers utilize an analysis technique termed either Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation (PGNAA) or Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA) technology. These technologies are deeply penetrative and measure the entire material volume travelling by conveyor at a high frequency, making them ideal technologies to help ensure that all the coals in the supply mix are properly blended.

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Video: CQM Flex for coal quality analysis