Designed for water and nutrient analysis, Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzers are built to deliver fully automated US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)-compliant testing for environmental, agricultural, and industrial testing labs. This integrated, highly automated platform improves the reliability and sensitivity of results compared to traditional wet chemistry techniques, reduces manual errors, and increases laboratory productivity by freeing staff to work on other tasks. The automated workflow eliminates the need to handle hazardous reagents for a safer and healthier work environment. Gallery Aqua Master analyzers also require lower sample and reagent volumes, so they generate less waste, enabling laboratories to meet sustainability goals and reducing the cost per test by as much as 20 times. These systems are suitable for users of all expertise levels with just a few hours of training and easy for a single operator to manage, increasing lab efficiency and protecting operations against staff shortages.

Gallery Aqua Master analyzers provide features specific to environmental, industrial, and agricultural water and nutrient analysis, such as:

Advanced software with more automation

Advanced software with more automation

Gallery and Gallery Plus Aqua Master systems come with customized software features that enable laboratories to achieve a higher degree of workflow automation and usability when following regulated methods and international standards. New features include:

  • Choice of calibration order and relative standard error calculation (RSE)
  • Automated spiking procedures for easy identification of sample-matrix-related interferences
  • More flexibility for automated QC procedures
  • Flexible results reporting
  • Rerun of multiple samples with new dilution factors
Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Each Gallery Aqua Master system is powered by software that enables labs to automate methods that are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations for environmental and industrial water testing, including the US EPA, NELAC, and other recognized international standards. Gallery Aqua Master systems also support US EPA-approved enzymatic reduction methods for safer nitrate + nitrite (TON) measurements, which replaced the traditional cadmium coil reduction methods that require time-consuming manual steps, require hazardous materials and pose carcinogenic health risks.

Similar to other Thermo Scientific Gallery discrete analyzers, the Gallery and Gallery Plus Aqua Master discrete analyzers also feature:

Low-volume, disposable cuvettes

Low-volume, disposable cuvettes

Thermo Scientific DECACELL cuvettes enable real-time kinetic measurement without edging effects. Sample consumption is just 2–240 µL for the lowest waste generation and disposal costs. Additionally, the disposable nature of these cuvettes ensures no carryover to improve the reliability of your results.

 True, direct-read analysis

True, direct-read analysis

These high-throughput, random-access, direct-read discrete analyzers can process up to 350 tests/hour and feature an optional ECM unit that enables parallel pH and conductivity measurements. They include 12 filter positions that cover a spectral range from 340–880 nm and up to 20 different chemical parameters per sample. Measurements cover a wide range of concentrations with sensitivity to the ppb level and excellent reproducibility.

Method and reagent flexibility

Method and reagent flexibility

Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzers come with pre-defined, easy-to-use methods, but also offer the flexibility to create and run application-specific methods designed by the user. They are compatible with ready-to-use Thermo Scientific Discrete Analyzer Reagents and Enzymatic Kits for environmental and industrial applications, manually prepared reagents, and third-party reagents.

Automated instrument processes

Automated instrument processes

Simply load the samples, insert the reagent vials and leave the analyzer to automate its work for up to 3 hours of walkaway time. Because all necessary analysis steps are automated, operators have more time to focus on other tasks in the lab while the analyzer does its work.

Webinar: Expanding the breadth of water contamination determinations

Hear Timothy Traynor of Pace Analytical discuss how using an integrated discrete analyzer with an ion chromatography system offers sensitivity, flexibility and higher throughput for comprehensive water analysis workflows.

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Master efficient environmental and agricultural analysis

Introducing the Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzer. See how it can automate your workflow to eliminate manual errors and increase throughput while meeting local regulatory requirements.


Streamlined operations at Pace Analytical

See how Pace Analytical has replaced manual processes using Gallery Aqua Master systems. Our systems have enabled them to reduce reagent usage and analyst bench time to achieve reduced costs and increased productivity.


"The Thermo Scientific Gallery Aqua Master Discrete Analyzer provides equivalent or better data quality, while speeding up the determination process significantly. Adding this automation across Pace would significantly reduce the amount of reagent used and analysts’ bench time, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity."

— Timothy Traynor, Technical Specialist, IDEA Lab, Pace Analytical

Both our Gallery and Gallery Plus Aqua Master discrete analyzers are available with an electrochemical measurement (ECM) unit, which enables rapid, parallel electrochemical analysis in addition to photometric analysis of multiple analytes for a variety of applications.


Gallery Aqua Master Discrete AnalyzerGallery Plus Aqua Master Discrete Analyzer


Gallery Aqua Master Discrete Analyzer

Gallery Plus Aqua Master Discrete Analyzer

Sample capacity



Reagent capacity



Reagents per test

Add up to 4 reagents


Up to 200

Up to 350

Optional ECM unit



System dimensions

75 cm W × 70 cm D × 62 cm H (closed)
75 cm W × 70 cm D × 130 cm H (open)

94 cm W × 70 cm D × 62 cm H (closed)
94 cm W × 70 cm D × 130 cm H (open)


Full specifications ›

Full specifications ›


Which would you watch?

View this compilation of insightful and informative Gallery Aqua Master systems videos and select the video (or videos!) that interest you.

Featured nutrient and water analysis resources

Gallery Aqua Master systems brochure

Combining rugged hardware, specifically designed software, and simple operation, the Gallery and Gallery Plus Aqua Master discrete analyzers are built for high-throughput water and nutrient analysis that meets local regulations.

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Automated method to detect nitrate + nitrite (TON) in drinking water

Learn how the Gallery Aqua Master systems support the NELAC and US EPA-approved enzymatic reduction methods for safer total oxidized nitrogen (TON) measurements.

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Productivity and efficiency delivered for Frind Lab Services

Frind Lab Services is at the forefront in applying the Gallery Discrete Analyzer to automate, high-throughput determination of sulfate, nitrate, ammonium, chloride and phosphorus in soil samples.

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Automated chloride analysis method for drinking water samples

A novel discrete analyzer-based automated method for drinking water chloride testing for compliance measurements that follows the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

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