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You'll find the right vials and closures to match your GC, LC, and LC-MS application and autosampler requirements.

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Confidence when results are critical

A broad range of the highest quality vials and closures with innovations that ensure sample cleanliness, security, and integrity in a variety of ways.

Assure certainty in routine results

These common vials and closures are ideal for use in most standard HPLC and GC applications and high-throughput analyses.

Premium vials and closures categories

Premium vials and closures fit almost every autosampler. They are the preferred choice for modern autosamplers.

Snap, screw, and crimp caps with preassembled cap/septa combinations, as well as individual caps, septa or plugs.

Use these for your critical low-detection limit assays, and when sample quality, reproducibility, security, and integrity are of upmost importance.

Vial inserts allow microsampling in standard vials. For multipurpose applications use inserts with a polyspring.

Our convenient vial kits are available as unassembled or pre-assembled kits.

Fully lot tested for HPLC and GC analysis with a Certificate of Conformance in every pack. For MS applications and trace analysis, use pre-cleaned MSCert Vial Kits.

These specialty vials include EPA, headspace, pre-cleaned, sample storage and shell vials.

Chromatography consumables resources and information
Chromatography Consumables Resources and Information

Find interactive tools and calculators, guides to select the right products, equivalent product finders, and get in contact with our consumables technical support team to answer your application questions.

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