Chromatography Consumables

Consumable solutions to unlock the collective power of chromatography

Expect easy-to-use, reliable, and innovative products to solve your chromatographic analysis challenges. Thermo Scientific consumables for liquid, gas, and ion chromatography, sample preparation, and sample handling are designed to ensure your research keeps moving forward without problems.

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Chromatography columns

HPLC and UHPLC Columns

Solve your chromatography challenges with our extensive portfolio of HPLC and UHPLC columns designed to meet all your separation needs. Bringing you a 40-year legacy of innovation, our (U)HPLC columns offer an unmatched variety of chemistries, from the most popular C18 phases to innovative mixed-mode chemistries, to the broadest range of solid core columns on the market, and more.

Gas Chromatography Columns

Select our broad portfolio of gas chromatography (GC) columns for reliable, reproducible results from your GC and GC-MS workflows. Our GC columns offer high temperature stability, low bleed, long lifetimes, and superior inertness in chemistries ranging from non-polar to polar as well as application specific.

Ion Chromatography Columns

Our ion chromatography (IC) columns can be used with hydroxide, carbonate, and methanesulfonic acid (MSA) eluents. For direct analysis of amino acids and carbohydrates, we also offer Bio-IC columns.

Sample preparation consumables

Sample Preparation Consumables

The right sample preparation solution can save you time and solvents, automate repetitive processes, and provide consistency and accuracy of results in your laboratory. Explore our broad selection of sample preparation consumables to find the solution that is best for your workflow requirements.

QuEChERS Sample Preparation Kits

Our Thermo Scientific QuEChERS kits contain pre-packaged, ready-weighed salts, sorbents, and buffers to streamline your workflows. We offer a variety of kits specialized for your analyte of interest and sample matrix in the four established QuEChERS methods: Original 2003, AOAC 2007.01, EN 15662, and NY/T 1380-2007.

Protein Digestion and Immunoaffinity Kits

Choose our innovative Thermo Scientific SMART Digest Protein Digestion and Immunoaffinity (IA) Kits for fast, easy, reproducible, automatable sample digestion. SMART Digest Kits are especially beneficial for biomarker and biopharmaceutical characterization and quantitation applications.

Solid Phase Extraction

Reduce adverse effects of your sample matrices and improve the robustness, reproducibility, sensitivity, and consistency of your chromatographic and mass spectrometry results with our solid phase extraction (SPE) products. Our SPE solutions include SPE cartridges and well plates, microscale SPE tips, and SPE manifolds.

Protein Precipitation Plates

Thermo Scientific HyperSep Protein Precipitation Plates provide a fast, effective approach for the removal of precipitated proteins from biological compounds via the protein crash technique. These 96-well plates are made of specially-selected polypropylene for low extractables and have a dual hydrophobic/oleophobic frit design. They are also suitable for use in automated, high-throughput systems.

Online SPE

Remove contaminants from your samples automatically as a part of your HPLC method with our online SPE columns. Our online SPE column portfolio allows for fast and effective clean-up and concentration of target compounds within a sample matrix. These columns must be used with an appropriate HPLC column and switching valves and are compatible with conventional HPLC systems.

HyperSep SLE Plates and Cartridges

Solid-supported liquid/liquid extraction (SLE) is a fast, effective sample preparation technique. Unlike liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), SLE offers greater reproducibility and recoveries, reduced solvent use, emulsification prevention, and the potential for complete automation. Thermo Scientific HyperSep SLE Plates and Cartridges are ideal for the removal of phospholipids from biological samples.

Syringe Filters

Prevent the accumulation of fine particles that can block your chromatography column with our three brands of syringe filters: Thermo Scientific Titan3 for impeccable results, Thermo Scientific Target2 for high-throughput applications, and Thermo Sientific Choice for reduced cost. We offer syringe filter disc sizes from 4 mm to 30 mm in a wide range of filter membranes.

Automated Sample Preparation

Reduce analysis time and increase the reproducibility of your chromatography analyses with our automated sample preparation systems for accelerated solvent extraction (ASE), solid phase extraction (SPE), and evaporation.

IC Sample Preparation

Remove matrix interferences such as phenolics, metals, cations, anions, and hydrophobic substances with our inline and offline sample preparation solutions for IC analysis.

Sample handling consumables

Autosampler Vials and Caps

Delivering a new level of performance, reproducibility, and accuracy of results, our three-level Thermo Scientific SureSTART portfolio will always have a vial and closure to meet your needs. The SureSTART product line is designed to accommodate all HPLC, LC/MS, GC, and GC/MS instruments, applications, and budgets while maintaining the highest levels of sample security and integrity.

Autosampler Well Plates and Accessories

Try our comprehensive portfolio of Thermo Scientific WebSeal Well Plates, Sealing Mats, Kits, and Accessories for all of your chromatography needs. WebSeal Well Plates are designed for universal autosampler compatibility and come in a wide variety of well volumes, well shapes, and high-recovery cavity styles so you can choose the plate that meets your analytical requirements.

IC Autosampler Vials, Caps, and Septa

For additional automation capabilities, select from a range of Thermo Scientific Dionex IC Autosamplers and their associated vials, caps, and septa, specifically designed for ion chromatography analysis.

Parts and accessories

HPLC Parts and Accessories

Quickly connect LC modules, valves, and columns using Thermo Scientific Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fittings for leak-free fluidic HPLC and UHPLC connections. These fittings minimize dead volume, require no tools for installation, fit narrow connections, are reusable, and combine simplicity with high performance.

GC Parts and Accessories

With GC parts and accessories, the wrong fit will always cost more in the long run. If your GC workflow is stunted by peak tailing, ghost peaks, system contamination, or inaccurate results, your choice of consumables might be to blame. Find the correct product for your analyses with our GC solutions.

IC Consumables

Discover electrolytic suppressor and automated eluent generation solutions designed for reliable performance and productivity. These quality consumables help to ensure the success of your IC analyses.

IC Parts and Accessories

These autosampler, eluent generator, suppressor, detector, and pump parts and accessories are designed for use with Dionex IC systems to ensure that you get the best results from your IC analyses every time.

Solvents, standards, and reagents

Chromatography Solvents

Achieve ideal chromatographic performance with our chromatography solvent offerings. Our solvents meet the chromatography challenges of a range of research applications, from LC to GC- and UHPLC-MS and more. We supply solvents, blends, and reagents in grades, sizes, and packaging that best fit your needs.

GC Reagents

Improve separation and detectability of a compound destined for GC or GC-MS analysis using this selection of derivatization reagents. We also offer siliconizing fluids to coat various lab consumables with an inert, water-repellent film. All Thermo Scientific GC reagents offer the variety, quality and reliability you need.

IC Standards and Reagents

Select our high-purity standards, reagents, and eluent concentrates for a convenient and complete solution for all your ion chromatography applications.

Chromatography consumables resource and information

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