Chromatography Consumables

Expect easy, reliable, and innovative products to solve your chromatographic analysis challenges. Thermo Scientific consumables for gas, liquid, and ion chromatography and sample preparation are designed to ensure your research keeps moving forward without problems.

Looking for enhanced resolution, speed, and consistency in your chromatography? Thermo Fisher Scientific has been innovating chromatography column technology for over 40 years.

HPLC and UHPLC Columns

HPLC and UHPLC Columns

  • Reversed Phase LC Columns
  • Normal Phase LC Columns
  • HILIC LC Columns
  • Mixed-Mode LC Columns
  • Size Exclusion LC Columns
  • Ligand Exchange LC Columns
  • Application Specific LC Columns
  • Ion Exchange Columns
HPLC Columns for biological analysis

BioLC Columns

  • BioBasic LC Columns
  • DNAPac Oligonucleotide Columns
  • ProSwift LC Columns
  • Nano LC Columns
  • GlycanPac LC Columns
  • MAbPac LC Columns
  • ProPac LC Columns
  • Capillary LC Columns
GC Columns

GC Columns

  • Application Specific GC Columns
  • Non-Polar GC Columns
  • Low-Polar GC Columns
  • Mid-Polar GC Columns
  • Polar GC Columns
  • PLOT Columns
  • Ultrafast GC Columns
  • GC Column Accessories
Dionex IC Columns

Dionex IC Columns

  • Hydroxide-Selective Anion-Exchange IC Columns
  • Specialty Anion-Exchange IC Columns
  • Carbonate Eluent Anion-Exchange IC Columns
  • Cation-Exchange IC Columns
  • 4µm HPIC Columns
  • Ion-Exclusion IC Columns
  • Amino Acid IC Columns
  • Carbohydrate IC Columns
  • Polymeric Reversed-Phase IC Columns
  • IC Concentrator Columns
  • IC and BioIC Trap Columns
  • Transition Metal IC Columns

Enhance your productivity. Sample preparation is a key step in your analytical workflow, but it can often be difficult and cumbersome. We have developed sample preparation consumable solutions so that you get the results you need quickly, reproducibly, and easily.

solid phase extraction

Solid Phase Extraction and more

  • SOLA SPE Plates & Cartridges
  • HyperSep SPE Plates & Cartridges
  • Manifolds & Accessories
  • SPE Extraction Tips
  • Online SPE
  • QuEChERS Dispersive SPE
  • HyperSep SLE Plates & Cartridges
  • Protein Precipitation Plate
  • Lab & Filter Plates
Protein digestion

Protein Digest & ImmunoAffinity Kits

  • SMART Digest Trypsin Kits
  • SMART Digest Chymotrypsin Kits
  • SMART Digest Proteinase K Kits
  • SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA)
  • Streptavidin Kits
  • SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA) Protein A Kits
  • SMART Digest ImmunoAffinity (IA) Protein G Kits
Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters

  • Titan3 Syringe Filters
  • Target2 Syringe Filters
  • Choice Syringe Filters
  • Micro Centrifugal Filters
  • Plastic Disposable Syringes
IC sample preparation

Dionex IC Sample Preparation

  • Dionex Guardcap Sample Preparation Vial Caps
  • Dionex InGuard Sample Preparation Cartridges
  • Dionex OnGuard II Sample Pretreatment Cartridges
automated sample preparation

Consumables for Automated Sample Preparation Systems

Consumables for AutoTrace 280 SPE System

  • Dionex SolEx SPE Cartridges for AutoTrace 280 SPE System
  • AutoTrace 280 SPE System Accessories

Consumables for Accelerated Solvent Extraction System

  • Accelerated Solvent Extraction Dispersant and Sample Clean-up Cartridges
  • Accelerated Solvent Extraction Parts
  • Accelerated Solvent Extraction Filters and Thimbles

Consumables for Rocket Evaporator

  • Rocket Synergy Evaporator Parts
  • Evaporator Sample Holders and Accessories

We focus on sample security and integrity. You'll find the right vials and closures to match your application, autosampler, and budget from our comprehensive portfolio.

autosampler vials and caps

Autosampler Vials and Caps

  • Autosampler Vials, Caps, & Septa
  • Autosampler Vial Kits
  • Certified Vial Kits
  • Autosampler Vial Inserts
  • EPA Vials
  • IC Autosampler Vials, Caps & Septa
  • 4mL & Sample Storage Vials
  • Shell Vials
  • Headspace Vials & Closures
  • Vial Crimpers & Decrimpers
  • Tools & Accessories
autosampler well plates

Autosampler Well Plates and Accessories

  • WebSeal Well Plates
  • Well Plate Mats, Seals, & Tapes

Use high quality Thermo Scientific reagents for the best results possible results and convenience.  

HPLC Reagents and Solvents

HPLC Standards, Reagents, & Solvents

  • HPLC Derivatization & Visualization Reagents
  • HPLC Ion Pair Reagents
  • HPLC Spectrophotometric Grade Solvents
  • HPLC Amino Acid Reagents & Standards
  • HPLC Peptide Standards
GC Reagents

GC Reagents

  • Silylation Reagents
  • Acylation Reagents
  • Alkylation Reagents
  • Siliconizing Fluids
IC Standards and Reagents

IC Standards and Reagents

  • Dionex Chelation Reagents
  • Dionex Carbohydrate Standards
  • Dionex Haloacetic Acid Internal Standards
  • Dionex Ion Standards
  • Dionex Eluent Concentrates
  • Dionex AAA-Direct Reagents
  • Dionex Ion Pairing Reagents
  • Dionex Transition Metal Analysis Reagents

Make sure your chromatography system is working its best by using quality parts and accessories designed for your chromatography systems and modules. 

HPLC Parts

HPLC Parts & Accessories

  • Column & Solvent Filters
  • Viper Fittings & Connectors
  • Tubing, Cutters, Nuts, Ferrules
  • Sample Injection Accessories
  • Column & Eluent Heaters
  • LC Pump Parts
  • LC Autosampler Parts
  • LC Autosampler Loops
  • LC Fraction Collector Parts
  • LC Valves & Injectors
  • LC Column Compartment Parts
  • LC Detector Parts
  • LC Detector Electrochemical Cells
  • LC Detector Flow Cells
GC Parts

GC Parts & Accessories

  • GC Injection Port Liners and Septa
  • GC Tools & Tubing
  • GC Syringes
  • GC Sample Handling
  • Consumables
  • GC Ferrules & Connectors
  • GC Gas Filters
  • GC Derivatization System
IC Parts

IC Parts & Accessories

  • IC Eluent Generator Cartridges
  • IC Continuously Regenerated Trap Columns
  • IC and RFIC Suppressors
  • IC Carbonate Removal Devices
  • Dionex IC PEEK Viper Fittings


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