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Learn how Chromeleon CDS helps our customers across industries and techniques, streamlining workflows, improving productivity and simplifying compliance. Whatever your application, Chromeleon CDS offers the tools and support you need.

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Chromeleon CDS Delivers Efficiency Gains and Compliance and Data Integrity Improvements to UK CRO/CMO

“Chromeleon CDS has moved us away from the inefficient practices of transcribing data into a spreadsheet and helps us to address data integrity within the lab.”

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Broughton Laboratories – A Global Analytical GMP Business Perspective

“Chromeleon CDS is a trusted piece of software that Broughton Laboratories has invested into … to ensure integration with our innovative LabHQ LIMS platform. This fits firmly with our culture of continuous improvement and giving our clients competitive advantage.”

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Single-vendor LC-MS and CDS System Delivers Benefits to Fondazione Edmund Mach Chemistry Lab

“Chromeleon 7.2 CDS is a very comprehensive and simple to use software. In a few steps, you can integrate, identify and quantify the interest compounds and create reports, charts and graphs reducing data processing time.”

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Chromeleon reports provide significant time and cost savings for New Zealand pharmaceuticals manufacturer

“The Chromeleon Report Designer is a mighty tool to calculate and present data ... we are seeing time and cost savings saving equivalent to four to five full time employees depending on the workload in each month.”

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Bayer Pharma AG implements a fully automated interpretation workflow for finding target masses

“With the fully automated workflow provided by Chromeleon CDS, we are now able to run analyses over lunch, evenings, and weekends, so we can analyse more samples with the same number of technicians.”

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Regis Technologies gains significant efficiencies in pharma/biopharma manufacturing

“The largest savings is in the use of Chromeleon software’s SST feature [which] allows me to build the criteria into the run and the software can decide to continue or abort any run. Now I can make use of a whole extra shift.”

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Sigma-Aldrich CMO helps customers comply with 21 CFR Part 11 using Chromeleon CDS software

“Our customers actively requested a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system for purity analysis. Now that the system is in place they feel more secure knowing their data is safe and that we have full audit trails with user actions recorded for each chromatogram.”

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A Fully Automated LC-MS Workflow for Identifying Targets in Chemical Reactions Whitepaper

Chromeleon CDS facilitates the integration of UHPLC and MS into a quantitative workflow for targeted screening. It combines intelligent functionality, operational simplicity, strong quantitative capabilities, and comprehensive auditing and data management.

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How I Optimized My Solid Waste SVOC Analysis with a GC-MS Workflow

“The GC-MS system is easily operated using the Chromeleon CDS software with the environmental package. It has the EPA 8270D method requirements built into the software as part of an e-workflow.”

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