Innovating ion chromatography for today’s demands

Innovating ion chromatography for today’s demands

Learn about our latest innovations in ion chromatography (IC). Developed with you in mind, they provide leading edge capabilities that help you meet the ever increasing requirements of productivity, performance and simplicity.

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Utilize mass detection when you need to ensure analytical confidence and dramatically improve the detection capability of your Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion or ICS-6000 HPIC System. IC-MS maximizes the ability to detect and quantify unexpected co-elutions of components and to confirm trace components.

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Ion-exchange chromatography with suppressed conductivity for amine analyses is ideal for organic amine analysis.


Ammonia is a hazardous substance that can be found in drinking water, pharmaceuticals, and even soil.


Weak-acid preservatives are anions widely used to prevent microbial spoilage of acidic foods and beverages. Some require concentrations on food labels.


It is important to distinguish between the toxic and nontoxic arsenic forms when measuring arsenic in drinking water or other consumables.

Biogenic Amines

Consuming high concentrations of biogenic amines such as histamine and serotonin—which are naturally present in many foods—can result in unwanted symptoms.


Using IC with HPAE-PAD, there’s no need for derivatization or a chromophore.


The plating and mining industries can release cyanide into the air from burning coal and plastics. The metal cyanides can dissociate to release the toxic substance HCN into water.


Halides are binary compounds formed by combining a metal with one of the five halogen elements (chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine, and astatine).

Organic Acids

Various industries use organic acids to prevent and treat corrosion, while the beverage industry uses them to enhance flavor, color, and aroma for stability and microbiological control.


The use of ion chromatography to characterize, quantitate, and analyze pharmaceuticals for purity, counter ions, and excipients.


Ion chromatography with suppressed conductivity detection is a widely-used technique to help determine inorganic anions such as phosphate.

Transition Metals

Some transition metals have been linked to disease and can contaminate soil or water when disposed of incorrectly.

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