Stay ahead with superior workflow performance — Maximize your uptime and flexibility

Achieve success with our Thermo Scientific gas chromatography (GC) solutions, including gas chromatographs, injectors, detectors, autosamplers, software, and consumables. Raise your gas chromatography productivity to the next level and reduce cost of ownership through better use of the resources in your lab with customizable, modular gas chromatography systems that fit any laboratory workflow.

With a full range of Thermo Scientific iConnect injector and detector modules, our performance-leading TRACE 1600 Series gas chromatographs will enable you to maximize uptime and give you confidence in your analytical results.

GC System Product Tour

Explore the features of the TRACE 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph with our 3D product tour

Highlights of our GC solutions

Explore versatile, easy-to-use GC systems that suit your performance needs

Thermo Scientific TRACE 1600 GC Series offers flexible configurations and simplified controls to meet your analytical demands.

Increase uptime with iConnect injectors and detectors

Enable quick troubleshooting and off-line maintenance to reduce instrument downtime.

Trace 1610 Modularity

Automate sampling for GC analysis: A step ahead

A comprehensive autosampler portfolio for precise, reliable, and flexible sample handling and injection.

Autosampler Page

Optimize productivity with the Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS)

Streamline your workflows and simplify compliance with our CDS.

Charlie GC Page

Integrate Mass Spectrometry into your GC workflow

Discover the enhanced analytical performance of our comprehensive GC-MS portfolio, solving any analytical challenge.

Mass Spec GC Page

Protect your sample with optimized columns and consumable

Browse high-quality columns and consumables for your valuable GC and GC-MS applications.

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