Evolved technology for gas chromatography

Our Thermo Scientific TRACE 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph product line streamlines daily operations to meet your analytical demands – simplifying operations, control, and adoption. The modular design enables you to maximize instrument productivity through off-line maintenance, quick troubleshooting, and configuration flexibility. Optimize your investment by adapting your instrument to suit your evolving analytical needs.

Two models to fit your requirements

The TRACE 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph provides a full-size oven in a small footprint with reduced size and weight, making it easy and less costly to move and freeing up bench space for other uses.

The TRACE 1600 Gas Chromatograph offers a minimized local interface, and is ideal for local or remote control through a Chromatography Data System and lab setups where essential instrumental interaction is preferred.

The TRACE 1610 Gas Chromatograph offers direct instrumental control and deep interaction with the system through the wide, multi-functional touch screen for an enhanced workflow experience.

Find your perfect fit, build your ideal GC System

iConnect Column Lock connectors

Our TRACE 1600 Series GC systems are equipped with instant connect (iConnect) Column Lock connectors that simplify capillary column installation, eliminating the risk of over tightening and assuring quick and leak-free operations. They enable finger-tight connections to be achieved in a simple click and allow capillary column length adjustments to be made before installation. iConnect Column Lock connectors are also compatible with iConnect SSL injectors and all iConnect detector modules, as well as with the Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Headspace Autosampler interface.

Finger-tight connections with a simple click, allowing capillary column length adjustments to be made before installation.

Intuitive, multi-function touchscreen user interface

The 7-inch high resolution, multi-language touch screen of the TRACE 1610 Gas Chromatograph gives prompt access to instrument controls, status information, real-time signal, consumables usage counters, how-to videos, diagnostics, and run log through intuitive icons for easy navigation.

Intuitive icon-driven touch screen with multi-function capabilities.

Video tutorials

With instructional videos demonstrating instrument use and common maintenance procedures directly available on the high resolution touch screen of the TRACE 1610 GC system, everyday operations on your gas chromatograph, autosampler, or connected mass spectrometer have never been so easy to accomplish.

Instructional videos can be accessed via the TRACE 1610 GC system’s touch screen.

Instrument health

Always visible on the touchscreen

The instrument health icon alerts users to maintenance needs, minimizing the risk of unplanned interruptions.


Automated consumables tracking makes it possible to optimize consumables use, avoiding unnecessary and costly replacement.

The instrument health icon is always visible on the touchscreen of the TRACE 1610 GC system.

SmartStatus instrument monitoring

To improve productivity, increase uptime and ensure sustainable operation; monitor key aspects of your GC and GC-MS system in more detail with Thermo Scientific SmartStatus instrument monitoring within Chromeleon CDS. With this fully customizable software you can quickly: see whether instruments are ready to run samples; replace consumables only when needed; determine when to perform system maintenance; and resolve issues before they become problems.

iConnect injectors and detectors offer flexibility

The TRACE 1600 and 1610 Gas Chromatographs can host up to two iConnect injectors and up to two iConnect detectors - expandable to four iConnect detectors when coupled with the TRACE 1610 Auxiliary Oven. Our full line of injector and detector modules is exchangeable over both the TRACE 1300 Series and TRACE 1600 Series GC systems, allowing for flexible configuration of your instrument in order to meet your ever-changing analytical demands and make better use of the resources in your laboratory. New and experienced users will value the ease of use and the reliability of the advanced modular technology, as well as the streamlined instrument adoption facilitated by smooth methods portability.

Interchangeable injector and detector modules allow for flexible configuration.

User-installable, miniaturized plug-in, enabling easy and quick cable- and tubing-free connections

The miniaturized Integrated Electronic Gas Control (IEC) capabilities of the iConnect injector and detector modules integrate gas manifolds, connections, restrictions, and electronic valves in each module, along with electronics for temperature and gas control, signal amplification, and A/D conversion. Each module can be identified by a serial number for easy tracking and functions as a separate item from the GC system, allowing it to be changed on the instrument while maintaining compliance with quality protocols. Because the modules store their calibration information, analytical results remain consistent, and recalibration is not required after replacement.