Innovations that meet today’s IC challenges with ease

Innovations that meet today’s IC challenges with ease

Discover the next-generation suppressor and eluent generation solutions designed for reliable performance and productivity. These quality consumables help to ensure the success of your IC analyses.

IC consumables categories

Our cartridges electrolytically produce high-purity hydroxide, carbonate, and methanesulfonic acid eluents for isocratic and gradient runs. With Thermo Scientific Dionex Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography (RFIC), just add water to achieve superior results.

Our next-generation suppressors remove conductive ions from the eluent to increase analyte signal, thereby decreasing background signal and noise, and enabling the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits possible for the determination of inorganic analytes by conductivity detection.

We provide an array of inline and offline sample preparation solutions to remove matrix interferences that impact your ion chromatography analyses.

We offer a variety of reagents and concentrates for your ion chromatography needs.

Our ready-to-dilute eluent concentrates are a convenient, fast and reliable way to prepare eluents for anion or cation analyses.

For your ordering convenience, we offer pre-assembled bundles with the columns and related consumables you need for our IC systems.

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