Consumables Device Monitor

Automatically track the use and performance of Dionex IC consumables

Eliminate manual tracking of ion chromatography (IC) consumables performance via logbook entries. The Thermo Scientific Dionex Consumables Device Monitor automatically identifies consumables and maintains a record of their installation, use, and performance metrics on the Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion system and on Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems.

Automated consumables tracking starts with Dionex consumables that incorporate memory tags and chips. When the tagged consumable is installed in the Dionex Integrion system, Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software automatically identifies that consumable and maintains a record of its installation, use, and performance metrics. Data is stored directly on the memory tag, ensuring that it is transferred with the consumable.

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Frequently asked questions

The Consumables Device Monitor is an instrument feature, available on Dionex Integrion HPIC and Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems, that stores usage and performance metrics directly on the consumable. Each consumable ships with a memory tag:

  • Electrolytic consumables include a memory chip in the cable.
  • Non-electrolytic consumables include a wireless RFID tag in the product label.

When a consumable is added to the system, the instrument controller detects the presence of the consumable and downloads the stored data from the memory tag. The instrument controller can communicate with these tags to identify the consumables installed on the instrument and subsequently store operational and performance metrics to the tag memory.

During production, a comprehensive set of specification data, listed below, is written onto each device before it's shipped to users. This data includes:

  • Product identification
  • Serial and lot numbers
  • Use-by date
  • Column diameters
  • Other device specifications
  • Quality Assurance Report (QAR), results also stored for separator columns

This data can be easily retrieved from the front panel tablet app or by using the Chromeleon CDS software. The Chromeleon CDS software also includes a feature to directly compare results obtained locally against reported QAR data.

When a consumable is placed in the system for the first time, the current date and time is written to the memory tag. Hence, the instrument controller can determine exactly how long a consumable has been in commission.

During operation, the instrument controller will write the key performance metrics noted below to the memory tag as they are collected. This data is regularly updated by the system ensuring it is up to date and valid. Key metrics include:

  • Date of first install
  • Number of injections
  • Key metric maxima
  • Last columns paired with
  • Key metric tallies
  • Eluent types
  • Ion count
  • Key metric trend data

Chromeleon CDS software is programmed with a set of predefined configuration rules. If any of the detected consumables break these rules, a warning is sent to the Audit Trail and the Consumables Inventory page. The warning notifies the operator that the detected set of consumables contains at least one mismatch. It will not prevent the system from operating if the mismatch was intentional.

Two configuration restrictions are monitored:

  • Size mismatches, such as combining 4mm and 2mm consumables
  • Chemistry mismatches, such as anion and cation

No special consumables need to be ordered. From February 2016, all consumables will have the memory tag installed and include an "RFID Ready" or "Device Monitoring Enabled" message on the label.

What happens if I transfer consumables from one system to another?

Existing data will be transferred to the second system and new data appended ONLY if it also supports the Consumable Device Monitoring feature. However, the initial installation date will not be updated.

The Consumables Device Monitor can be turned off in the Chromeleon Instrument Configuration Manager.

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