The highest sensitivity for the lowest possible detection limits

Enable highest sensitivity and lowest possible detection limits

Suppressors remove conductive ions from the eluent, thereby increasing analyte signal while simultaneously decreasing background signal and noise. They therefore enable the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits possible for the determination of inorganic analytes by conductivity detection.

IC and RFIC suppressor products

Select your suppressor of choice depending on which eluent, organic solvents, analyte and matrix concentration, and IC system format you use. Electrolytic suppression products based on Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography (RFIC) with AutoSuppression are available exclusively in the Thermo Scientific Dionex product catalog.

Use the improved, pressure-tolerant Thermo Scientific Dionex CRS 500s chemically regenerated suppressor to lower your detection limits in cation and anion exchange ion chromatography. The Dionex CRS 500s has higher pressure tolerance than previous versions, and optimizes band dispersion and improves flow and sealing properties. The Dionex CRS 500s suppressor is a direct replacement for the Dionex CRS 500 suppressor.

The Dionex ACRS-ICE 500 suppressor is a high-capacity, solvent-compatible design optimized for organic acids and alcohol analyses in complex or high ionic strength samples.

Suppression technology is the heart of an ion chromatography (IC) system. Previous advances in suppressor functionality have focused on continuous operation, achieving high-capacity and ease-of-use. Advances in the future will continue to optimize these parameters, but will also focus on an array of other improvements, including backpressure tolerance, peak efficiency and current efficiency.

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