Solvent-Compatible Columns for IC Anion and Cation Separation

Solvent-compatible columns for anion and cation separations by IC

Polymer-based reversed-phase Thermo Scientific™ IonPac™ and OmniPac™ HPLC columns are resistant to solvents, acids and bases while permitting the use of eluents from pH 0 to 14, and are used for high-efficiency ion chromatography (IC) separations of hydrophobic, ionizable compounds such as surfactants and larger organic acids.

Reversed-phase columns for ion chromatography


About this column

Dionex™ IonPac™ NS1 5µm and 10µm ColumnsIdeal for separation of large molecules that carry localized charges, such as surfactants; compatible with acids, bases, and solvents from pH 0 to 14; and can also be used for traditional polymeric reversed-phase applications.
Dionex™ IonPac™ NS2 5µm ColumnsUnique silica-based reversed-phase columns designed for Mobile-Phase Ion Chromatography (MPIC) and compatibility with suppressed conductivity detectors; used to separate moderatelto strong hydrophobic organic ions (such as ionic surfactants, quaternary amines and sulfonic acids), or the separation of multiple-charge ions.
Dionex™ OmniPac™ PAX-100 HPLC ColumnsSmaller-pore, solvent-compatible, mixed-mode columns for optimizing separations of hydrophobic and halogenated anions; stable over the entire pH range of 1-14; and particularly well suited for the analysis of larger organic acids, including alkylbenzene sulfonates, aromatic acids, barbiturates, polyphosphates, inositol phosphates, thiocyanate, thiosulfate, and iodate.
Dionex™ OmniPac™ PAX-500 HPLC ColumnsMacroporous, solvent-compatible, mixed-mode column for separation of anionic and neutral species in a single run; ideal for analysis of alcohols, alkanolamines, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory agents, aromatic acids, inorganic acids, peptides, purines and pyrimidines, sulfonamides, sulfonated anionic surfactants, and water-soluble vitamins.
Dionex™ OmniPac™ PCX-100 HPLC ColumnsPolymer-based, solvent-compatible columns for separating low-molecular weight hydrophobic cations.
Dionex™ OmniPac™ PCX-500 HPLC ColumnsMacroporous, solvent-compatible, mixed-mode columns to separate cationic and neutral species in a single run; should always be run with at least 1% organic solvent in the mobile phase.

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