Specialty Anion-Exchange IC Columns

Ion exchange columns for special applications

These Thermo Scientific™ IonPac™ columns were designed for special applications such as for non-suppressible eluents in combination with a variety of detection modes, including amperometric and UV-Vis detection. They are useful for separations of higher-valence anions and transition metals.

Specialty anion-exchange IC columns


Recommended Use

Target Applications

Dionex IonPac AS7 IC ColumnsSeparation of a wide variety of polyvalent anions, including polyphosphates, polyphosphonates, EDTA and NTA. Method uses postcolumn derivatization and UV-Vis detectionAnalysis of polyvalent anions and chelating agents in complex sample matrices, hexavalent chromium in environmental matrices, cyanide and sulfide using amperometric detection.
Dionex IonPac AS5 IC ColumnsSeparation of higher-valence anions including polyphosphates, oxyanions, EDTA complexes, metal cyanide complexes, and hydrophobic anions such as iodide, thiosulfate, and thiocyanate; Dionex IonPac AS16 or AS20 columns recommended for hydrophobic anions and highly-charged anions.Separations of higher-valence and hydrophobic anions, and rapid elution of strongly retained species such as iodide and thiocyanate in brines without interference from the large chloride peak typical of such samples.
Dionex IonPac CS5A IC ColumnsAccurate simultaneous determination of common transition and lanthanide metals; high-sensitivity and selectivity in combination with postcolumn derivatization and visible detection at 530 nm; also used for aluminum analysis. Analysis of transition and lanthanide metals in a variety of sample matrices including high-purity water, plating bath solutions, and power industry waters.

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