Ion chromatography features to meet every IC challenge

Our ion chromatography (IC) systems offer an array of features from compact footprints and low operating costs, to robust, reliable systems for everyday IC analyses, to systems that can meet your most complex analysis challenges with confidence. Thermo Fisher Scientific has set the standard in IC for over 45 years with versatile and advanced technologies such as automated eluent generation, whole-system monitoring, compatibility with a variety of ion chromatography detectors, and a wide range of analytical columns, including anion-exchange columns, cation-exchange columns, ion-exclusion columns and more.

Column selection

Our wide selection of column chemistries is designed to address a broad array of application challenges to provide high selectivity and efficiency with excellent peak shape and resolution. This diverse IC column portfolio ensures that you will be able to find the optimal column chemistry for your sample. Many of our columns are available in multiple formats, including a smaller 4 µm particle size, providing you with even greater efficiency and resolution.

Chemical and electrolytic suppression

Our next-generation suppressors enable the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits for determination of inorganic analytes by removing conductive ions from the eluent to increase analyte signal and decrease background signal and noise. In addition to chemical suppressors, we offer electrolytic suppression products based on Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography (RFIC) with AutoSuppression.

Evaluate your IC suppression options

High pressure capabilities

Optimize your chromatographic analyses with the shorter sample run times and/or improved resolution offered by our high-pressure-capable systems—the Thermo Scientific Dionex Inuvion Core IC, Thermo Scientific Dionex Inuvion IC, Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion HPIC and Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems—which can take advantage of our high-efficiency 4 µm-particle-size IC columns, available in 150 or 250 mm lengths and multiple formats. These systems can operate at up to 5000 psi. The 150 mm columns decrease run times while maintaining chromatographic resolution, while the 250 mm columns offer improved peak resolution.


Learn more about our high-pressure-capable systems:

The power of high pressure

Automated eluent generation

To avoid the variability of manually prepared eluent and improve repeatability of results, our Dionex Inuvion IC, Dionex Integrion HPIC and Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems offer automated eluent generation. The eluent generation module uses Thermo Scientific Dionex eluent generator cartridges to avoid time-consuming, cumbersome manual eluent generation by electrolytically generating high-purity hydroxide, carbonate, bicarbonate, or methanesulfonic acid (MSA) eluents at the concentration you specify. The only requirement is a source of high-purity deionized water.


Additionally, the Dual Eluent Generation Cartridge (Dual EGC) mode of the Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC system generates potassium hydroxide/potassium methanesulfonate (KOH/KMSA) eluents for complex carbohydrate analysis.

Plug-and-play detectors

Exchange a conductivity detector (CD) with an electrochemical detector (ED) quickly and easily. It requires just a click of a switch to pull out one detector and plug in the other, simply pushing it in to connect. This capability is available in our Dionex Integrion HPIC and Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems. Additional ion exchange chromatography detectors can be connected to these systems in series or in parallel to offer other detection options, such as UV-Vis or mass spectrometry.

Consumables Device Monitor

Automatically identify and track the installation time, use, and performance metrics of your IC consumables with the Consumables Device Monitor, available for our Dionex Integrion HPIC and Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC systems. This feature helps prevent consumable installation errors, schedule preventive maintenance, and manage consumable usage, ultimately minimizing system downtime and improving productivity.


The Consumables Device Monitor allows you to simultaneously monitor up to 16 key performance metrics on up to 25 different consumables. It associates metrics information with the tracked consumable, regardless of the system in which it is installed, and verifies consumable performance against product specifications and production quality assurance data.

The case for automated tracking of IC consumables

Tablet control

Gain direct local control of either your Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion HPIC or Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC system and its system status using a removable tablet, which comes standard with your system. The tablet can be used for system setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and routine monitoring. The interface is available in 11 different languages to customize your user experience.


The tablet communicates with the IC instrument via secured WiFi or a wired connection and can easily switch control between instruments. Additionally, the tablet enables access to installation guides for your consumables and a troubleshooting knowledge base.

Compatibility with hyphenated IC techniques

For analytical challenges that require more than chromatographic analysis, our IC systems can be paired with other analytical techniques, including:


Inductively-coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to combine the sensitive elemental detection of ICP-MS with the metal-free fluidic flow path of IC for elemental speciation analysis.


Mass spectrometry (MS) to combine the sensitivity and selectivity of IC with the specificity and sensitivity of MS and optimize for low mass ions.


A combustion system to reduce the time and labor required for the determination of corrosive halogens and sulfur in difficult samples.

The power of mass spectrometry for IC analytical chemists