Get the best results possible with high quality HPLC reagents

Use high quality reagents for the best results possible

By using the correct reagent, you can increase or decrease retention and control selectivity, resolve complex ionic mixtures without using ion exchange columns, and improve peak symmetry. Also see our ultrapure solvents for high-sensitivity HPLC and LC-MS analysis, and special reagents for amino acid and peptide applications.

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HPLC standards, reagents, and solvents categories

We offer a variety of HPLC detection reagents that enable visualization of your compound of interest. These reagents can improve both selectivity and specificity, and can be used before or after separation.

Quickly and efficiently analyze highly charged acidic or basic compounds using reversed phase techniques. The reagents form stable complexes with these compounds, enabling resolution by reversed phase HPLC.

HPLC and spectrophotometric grade solvents are ultrapure for maximum LC/MS sensitivity. They can extend column lifetime, eliminate variability and reduce handling.

We offer sequencing-grade 6N HCl and amino acid standard H for protein hydrolysates as well as ninhydrin for amino acid detection.

Various retention standards and calibration mixtures that provide reference elution profiles in reverse-phase HPLC.

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