HPLC and UHPLC Components

The right LC components for your application

Select innovative and intelligent components that are right for your Thermo Scientific HPLC or UHLC system and application. Choose from a broad selection of pumps, autosamplers and liquid handlers, thermostatted column compartments, detectors and accessories. Whether you require a nano, capillary, microbore, analytical, or semi-preparative flow configuration, our quality liquid chromatography component designs and construction ensure reliable, precise, and accurate operation.

HPLC and UHPLC components

From nano to semi-preparative scale and ultrahigh-performance applications (UHPLC), state-of-the-art pump technology delivers precise and accurate gradient separations consistently.

Get reliable, precise, and accurate injections for nanoliter to milliliter sample volumes. Our autosamplers, fraction collectors, and optional sample extension modules support a wide range of formats and sample throughputs.

Get better control of your column temperature to further refine and control your separations using our thermostatted column compartments.

This wide selection of LC detectors will meet the selectivity and sensitivity needs of your LC applications.

Get the right parts to get the most out of your of HPLC setup

This extensive family of LC columns is known for superb resolution, sensitivity, speed, and performance. Choose from surface chemistries, particle sizes and column dimensions to meet your separation requirements.

Improve your chromatographic results and quickly connect your LC components, valves, and columns. These fittings provide leak-free connections, minimize dead volume, and do not require tools for installation. They combine simplicity with high performance.

Make sure you continue to get reproducible and reliable data by using quality replacement parts and accessories specifically designed for your LC systems.

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