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Quickly connect LC modules, valves, and columns using Thermo Scientific Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fittings for leak-free fluidic HPLC and UHPLC connections, which minimize dead volume to improve chromatographic results. Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fittings require no tools for installation, fit narrow connections (e.g., 10-port valves), are reusable, and combine simplicity with high performance.

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Which Viper or nanoViper Fingertight Fittings should I choose?

Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fittings support pressures up to 1500 bar (dependent on type) and are made of stainless steel (SST) or biocompatible material such as MP35N, PEEK, or PEEK-shielded fused silica.

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Viper and nanoViper capillaries in stainless steel, or biocompatible MP35N, PEEK and PEEK-shielded fused silica. Pre-assembled kits contain all the HPLC connectors and capillaries needed for running standard or advanced workflows with your HPLC and LC-MS systems. Connectors, plugs, filters, pre-heaters and post-column coolers, which use Viper Fingertight Fitting technology.



What makes Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fitting Systems better than conventional fittings?

Conventional fittings

Conventional fittings often create extra-column volumes by incorrect positioning of the ferrule or by the capillary slipping through the ferrule when subjected to high pressures. The chromatogram demonstrates deteriorated peak shape caused by a slipped capillary at a backpressure of only 600 bar (8700 psi).

Viper fingertight fittings

Viper fingertight fittings does not use a ferrule and minimizes extra-column volume by design. The chromatogram overlay shows consistent peak shapes under identical conditions to those used with conventional fitting in the figure above.



Key components of Viper and nanoViper Fingertight Fittings

1 - Fingertight

Up to 1500 bar for easy installation.

2 - Removable knurl

Fits into the tightest gaps and makes the fitting easy to grip and remove.

3 - ID color coded tags

Allow for quick ID recognition.

4 - Identification tag

Displays key information (such as part number, material, length and ID) to quickly locate vital details.

5 - Robustness

To withstand up to 120 °C and available in biocompatible materials.

6 - More options

A variety of materials and dimensions (length and ID) available for nearly every system and application.

7 - Universal connections

Fit most columns and valves and are small enough to fit in the most confined spaces (such as on 10-port valves).

8 - Virtually zero dead volume

Achieved with seals at the tip of the tubing to minimize extra column volumes for higher efficiency and accuracy.

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