Providing complete liquid chromatography solutions for your special application

Learn about our solutions for specialty liquid chromatography applications, including IonCount Pharma, Counterion LC, Beer and Hop LC, and BioRSLC BioPharma applications.

Complete solutions for liquid chromatography
Complete solutions for liquid chromatography

Featured LC application solutions

Your one-system solution is the Thermo Scientific™ UltiMate™ 3000 BioRS LC system with our BioLC columns and Chromeleon™ CDS software. The BioRSLC system seamlessly integrates with mass spectrometry, if desired.

 Technical Note: UHPLC Analysis of 2-AB-labeled Dextran Ladder and Assignment of Glucose Units to Unknown Glycans

Thermo Scientific BeerNHop Solutions provides a complete determination and quantitation of all major cis- and trans-isomer variants of iso-α-acids that are present.

 Brochure: BeerNHop Solution

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