Glacios TEM

Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs) fire a beam of electrons through an ultra-thin sample specimen. The electrons interact with the sample as they pass through it, producing information about the internal structure of the sample. Many of our TEMs feature fully automated operation and are capable of sub-Ångström resolution.

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Featured products
Talos F200X TEM
Glacios Cryo-TEM
Themis S S/TEM
Glacios Cryo-TEM

Spectra S/TEM

The Thermo Scientific Spectra S/TEM (scanning/transmission electron microscope) is designed to accelerate breakthrough discoveries by delivering advanced atomic-scale imaging and analysis in one tool. The Spectra S/TEM combines the highest commercially available S/TEM image resolution specification with high sensitivity, allowing you to generate best-in-class results, no matter your experience level.

Product Models:

Spectra 200 S/TEM for Materials Science
Spectra 300 S/TEM for Materials Science
Spectra 300 S/TEM for Semiconductors

Available for: Materials Science and Semiconductors Research

Glacios Cryo-TEM

The new Thermo Scientific Glacios Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) delivers a complete and affordable Cryo-EM solution to a broad range of scientists. It features 200 kV XFEG optics, the industry-leading Autoloader (cryogenic sample manipulation robot) and the same innovative automation for ease of use as on the Krios G4 Cryo-TEM. The Glacios Cryo-TEM bundles all this into a small footprint that simplifies installation.

Available for: Life Sciences Research

Themis TEM

Themis TEM

Themis transmission electron microscope (TEM) starts with our revolutionary wide high-tension range and corrector-ready platform, combined with a wide pole piece gap delivering the space to do more. Developed with stability and flexibility in mind, the Themis TEM high performance continuously enables atomic scale discovery and exploration. 

Product Models:

Themis S S/TEM for Semiconductors
Themis ETEM for Materials Science

Available for:  Materials Science and Semiconductor Research

Metrios TEM

Metrios transmission electron microscope (TEM) is the first TEM dedicated to providing the fast, precise measurements that semiconductor manufacturers need to develop and control their wafer fabrication processes.

Available for: Semiconductors Research

Krios G3i Cryo-TEM

The new Thermo Scientific Krios G4 Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) enables you to unravel life at the molecular level—easier, faster and more reliably than ever before. The most compact TEM in its class, the Krios G4 Cryo-TEM consists of a highly stable 300 kV TEM platform and the industry-leading Autoloader (cryogenic sample manipulation robot), making it ideally suited for automated applications such as single particle analysis (SPA), cryo-electron tomography (cryoET) and micro electron diffraction (MicroED).

Available for: Life Sciences Research

Talos TEM

Talos TEM

Talos transmission electron microscope (TEM) is built to deliver rapid access to 2D and 3D data so that you can concentrate on discovery. With configurations for materials research and life sciences research, the Talos TEM is a truly versatile system with many innovations that will serve your research needs for years to come.

Product Models:

Talos F200i for Materials Science
Talos L120C TEM
Talos F200X TEM for Materials Science
Talos F200S TEM for Materials Science
Talos Arctica TEM for Life Sciences

Available for:  Materials Science and Life Sciences Research