Our services for the life sciences empower you at each stage of your system’s lifecycle, helping you realize the maximum value of your investment. The variety, quality and scope of services we offer are unmatched in the industry and will provide you with exceptional outcomes.

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Accelerate and Advance for Life Sciences

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For researchers in the life sciences using the Cryo-EM SPA workflow, our Accelerate and Advance portfolios offer intensive on-site and remote support throughout the lifetime of your workflow.  During the warranty period, our Accelerate service includes workflow validation and the support of our Customer Success Manager, who will help plan your installation, coordinate resources and ensure you are set up for success.  As you begin your research, our technologies make it easy for you to independently access resources while also facilitating a fast response from applications experts when needed. Service at Thermo Fisher Scientific is a partnership, and we regularly deliver performance reviews to highlight areas where your system’s performance can be optimized. In addition, our Scientific Workflows App provides a step-by-step guide to the Cryo-TEM SPA workflow, including Lab Book and Step annotations, troubleshooting resources and quarterly updates that include the latest industry insights.

During the post-warranty period, our Advance portfolio provides a continuation of our remote system monitoring service and application support features. It also includes preventive and corrective maintenance, spare parts coverage and an on-site response with options ranging from 4 to 48 hours. The Advance portfolio supports the essential function of your instrument while also engaging you through technology-driven services.

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Preferred Service

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For other customers, we offer services that are broadly applicable for many use cases and workflows. We have options for customers requiring minimal on-site support, as well as services with unlimited corrective maintenance, spare parts coverage and more. Our most popular Science offering is Preferred, which includes comprehensive features to protect every aspect of your instrument, such as on-site preventive and corrective maintenance, spare parts, phone support and remote diagnostics with Thermo Scientific RAPID™ Service.

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Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific

With Thermo Fisher Scientific as your partner in service, you will never face a technical challenge alone. No matter which market-leading service you select, our global team of 1,000 highly trained individuals are ready to respond and keep your system running optimally.

When you choose a Thermo Scientific service contract, you gain access to our market-leading service infrastructure. Our global logistics team manages spare part warehouses across the world, quickly expediting shipments to your site when needed. Local technical support teams provide troubleshooting and escalation assistance, and applications experts are available to assist with training and ramping up new workflows. Additionally, our Service Innovation Team continuously invests in analytics, service intelligence and new service delivery methods that help us transform your service experience.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our approach to service is personal. You are not just our customer, we are your partner in service—we take pride in ensuring your success. We will meet you where you are and work hard to help you achieve the results that are important to you, while also realizing the best return on your investment.

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