Maintain instrument performance and longevity

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers comprehensive services and support for your ambient gas monitoring instrument, providing access to a network of technical support, factory-certified engineers, and training professionals. Our highly qualified service team collaborates with you to learn your business goals and requirements. Partnering with us simplifies the maintenance of your instrument and controls service costs.


When you choose us as your service provider, you are teaming up with an organization that understands your needs. We know the importance of instrument upkeep to ensure instrument performance is as designed.

Certified parts


We only use original manufacturers’ certified parts to operate your system at maximum productivity. All our parts are guaranteed to perform to our instruments’ rigorous design specifications. Using manufacturer-approved parts decreases the risk of unnecessary wear & tear and instrument downtime.



Optimize your instruments' use and expand your users' skills with our training options spanning routine maintenance to more advanced needs. We are here to help you be as self-sufficient as you want while remaining available for any additional needs.

Predictable service budget


With different service plans available, you can find the desired balance of budget predictability and retain control of services spend over the years to come. A service plan provides on-site service for your instrument with the highest response times and covered or reduced costs to support your annual maintenance expenditure.