The Thermo Scientific MIC-6 Multi Instrument Calibrator perfectly complements the industry leading Thermo Scientific TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer to improve accuracy and save time for optimizing LDAR compliance monitoring. It can automatically calibrate up to six TVA2020 analyzers or manually calibrate any other manufacturers' portable field analyzers. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the MIC-6  Multi Instrument Calibrator.

Time savings, elimination of human error and improved accuracy.

The MIC-6 can accommodate up to 6 gasses (Zero gas and 5 additional span gasses) and 6 toxic vapor analyzers.

The internal memory of the MIC-6 can store up to 6 years worth of calibration data on over 100 analyzers.

In the manual mode the MIC-6 can calibrate the TVA1000B or any other competitive device.

There are slight changes to the model code configuration based on regional electrical voltage options. See product specification sheet for details.

Data can be extracted from the MIC-6 via USB stick or Bluetooth. Future upgrades will allow for data extraction via Ethernet port.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is in communication with the major LDAR software companies to integrate our MIC-6 data into their LDAR reporting software.

15 to 25 PSI is the recommended incoming gas pressure range.

Yes, the MIC-6 can be mounted above a workbench or used on a table top. The rear panel of the MIC-6 has a VESA mounting pattern (Video Electronics Standards Association), where customers can purchase a commercially available VESA mount.

Firmware can be downloaded from onto a USB thumb drive for installation into the MIC-6. Once the USB is installed, just follow the prompt for installing the firmware.

The MIC-6 comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and additional extended warranties of 1 and 2 years are available.

The MIC-6 is best operated between 0 to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

The MIC-6 is currently configured for FID calibrations only, but future versions will allow for PID calibration. Please contact your sales representative for more detail and timing.

Once the TVA2020’s are ignited, the MIC-6 will read each instruments internal clock and will not allow calibration until all connected instruments have reached the minimum 30 min warm-up time.

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