Environmental Contaminant Analysis

The contaminants in air, drinking water, wastewater, soils, sewage sludge (biosolids), and composts need to be controlled to protect the environment and public health. These contaminants include inorganic anions and cations, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, persistent organic pollutants, hormones, pharmaceutical products, and personal care products. Many of these contaminants are known to be harmful and are strictly regulated by U.S. federal and state laws and regulations.  

For many other contaminants, the health effects are not well understood, or the levels and frequencies of occurrence in our environment are not clear, or efficient analytical methods to quantify and characterize have not been available. These contaminants referred to as contaminants of emerging concern are still under evaluation in terms of toxicity and scope.

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Featured environmental contaminant analysis categories

We have designed specific analysis solutions to support laboratories charged with the task of researching and monitoring dioxins and POPs.

As the IC innovator and technology leader for over 40 years, you can feel confident you're getting the best in Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ systems, consumables, service, and support.

Get outstanding gas chromatography performance for routine analyses, advanced capabilities and the flexibility to expand your capabilities or increase sample throughput.

Perform unequivocal separation of analyte ions from spectral interferences for accurate and precise elemental analysis with ICP-MS Spectrometers.

Our mass spectrometers enable compound discovery and comprehensive sample analysis and offer easy, high-throughput and quantitative MS workflows for POPs and other compounds.

We offer a broad range of solid-phase extraction (SPE) consumables in many formats, filtering devices, as well as systems for automated solvent extraction, solid phase extraction, and evaporation.

Streamline your applications with our highly integrated solutions—from Rapid Separation Liquid Chromatography (RSLC) for ultrafast high-resolution separations to sensitive nano LC/MS.

We offer a variety of analyzers for the ambient monitoring of the criteria pollutant gases, including CO, NOX, SO2, and others such as CH4 and CO2.

We offer a range of products for continuous, reliable, and compliant air quality measurement solutions.

Helping you project challenges and regulatory demands in tough conditions, our emissions monitoring solutions are designed for highly precise, sensitive, and fast monitoring.

Featured contaminant analysis resources

Municipalities and industries alike analyze unwanted anions in drinking, waste, and environmental waters to keep water safe and to comply with national and local regulatory agencies.

Environmental metals testing is very common for analysis of drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, soils, and compost due to metal toxicity and regulations.

Cation analysis include analysis of alkaline metals cations, ammonium cations, and amines in municipal drinking water, wastewater, or industrial wastewater.

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