What is Fast5?

Our technical and engineering staff share their product and application expertise in our monthly publication called Fast5 Tips and Tricks for gas analyzers and systems.  Each month Fast5 offers 5 tips and tricks focused on a theme such as Ozone Season or NOx Monitoring. You will find information on everything from how to get ahead of probe leaks to when and how to rebuild pumps.

If you have an onsite challenge, chances are you will find the solution in one of our Fast5 issues. Sign up today to receive Fast5 Tips and Tricks delivered to your inbox every month!

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Missed an issue? Below is a list of all currently available issues:

January 2014 Get your Thermo Scientific™ Mercury Freedom System up and running
February 2014 Probe monitoring and maintenance
March 2014 Preparing for ozone season
April 2014 Developing a calibrator certification plan
May 2014 Summer monitoring challenges
June 2014 Recommissioning your mercury CEMS
July 2014 Mercury CEMS for compliance and process monitoring
August 2014 NO, NO2 and NOx monitoring  
September 2014 Cold weather monitoring
October 2014 Carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring with dilution CEMS
November 2014 C-Series Gas Analyzer discontinuation information
December 2014 Thermo Scientific Mercury Calibrator options
January 2015 System Integrity Checks and System Linearity
February 2015 CEMS Sample Lines and Transport Bundles
March 2015 Probes and probe technologies
April 2015 Preparing for spring
May 2015 Optimizing the measurement of NO, NO2, and NOx
June 2015 Mercury Freedom System for process control
July 2015 Monitoring Solutions for pulp and paper applications
August 2015 Optimizing the performance of the Model 43i SO2 Analyzer
September 2015 Accessing Technical Documentation and Resources Online
October 2015 Mercury Calibrators
November 2015 iPort Software
December 2015 Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer
January 2016 Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
February 2016 Model 450i Hydrogen Sulfide - Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
March 2016 Model 49i Ozone Analyzer
April 2016 Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator
May 2016 Save Time and Go Online
June 2016 Using the PM CEMS to meet PS-11
July 2016 5 Ways to get in Touch With Us
August 2016 Optimizing the Model 84i and Model 81i
September 2016 5 Most Popular Tips and Tricks
October 2016 Tips and Tricks for Modbus protocol
November 2016 Model 55i Methane & Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer
December 2016 Tips and Tricks for iPort Software
January 2017 Mirror Peaking for the Model 48i CO Analyzer
March 2017 Maintaining Calibration/Certification in the Field
May 2017 Calibrating with Zero Air or Nitrogen
June 2017 Common iSeries Maintenance Activities
September 2017 Monitor Remotely with the iQ app
November 2017 Fast and Easy Repairs with iQ DMC modules
January/February 2018 Predictive Diagnostics for the iQ Series Gas Analyzers
May 2018 MODBUS Protocol and MODBUS Register Tables
July 2018 iQ Series – Review of Analog I/O Setup / Calibration
September 2018 iQ Series – ePort versus iPort

Factory repair

Schedule your analyzer, calibrator, probe controller or probe for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to factory depot repair for complete maintenance and factory specification service.

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