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January 2019

To better utilize the intelligence built into the iQ Series of Gas Analyzers, setting up the email server is an important step. After email has been configured, customers will be able to receive email notifications after an alarm or alert is triggered, have direct connection to Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Support Engineers, and be able to email the Health Check Report to yourself or co-workers. Below are instructions for setting up the email server:

  • Work with your IT department to determine the required:
    • SMTP Server Address
    • SMTP Server Port #
    • Static IP Address
  • Navigate to the following menu:
    • Home, Settings, Communication, Email Server (SMTP)
  • Enter the Server Address & Port # into the their respective menus
  • In the “From Email Address” menu, enter a valid email format. The email address does not need to be an actual address, it is just for populating the “From” field in the email so the email goes to your Inbox and not Junk Mail. For example:
  • Navigate to the following menu:
    • Home, Settings, Communications, Wired TCP/DHCP
  • If “DHCP” is enabled, press that button to disable it
  • Now you can enter the Static IP Address into the “Static IP Address” menu
  • Reboot the instrument for the new IP address to get updated

The instrument is now configured to send emails. Don’t forget, the instrument can send an email to you, but you cannot email the instrument. You should enter at least one email address into the “User Contact Information” menu, but you can enter up to 11 email addresses. This is important if you decide to utilize the “Email Health Check Report to Technical Support” feature. Tech Support would need an email address to reply to. The Health Check Report is a zip file that contains all of the diagnostic data required to evaluate most issues.

Once this is completed you will be ready to enable the new Alert Assistant coming soon via the latest firmware in April 2019.

Check out our iQ360 service available for remote servicing of your iQ instruments.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following Gas Analyzers on the iQ Platform:

                    42iQ High Level NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer

                    42iQ Trace Level NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer

                    42iQD NOx Analyzer

                    43iQ High Level Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer

                    43iQ Trace Level Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer

                    48iQ Trace Level Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

                    450iQ Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer

Visit our website, for details on all of the Gas Analyzers currently available on the iQ Platform.

The discontinuation of the previous generation analyzers is part of our goal to continuously offer you our latest technology and the best solutions to meet your measurement needs. iSeries versions of the above models (42iD, 42iHL, 42iTL, 43iHL, 43iTLE, 48iHL, 48iTLE, 450i) will no longer be available for purchase after June 30, 2019. Consumables, spare parts and service (based on availability) will be accepted until December 31, 2025.

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Factory repair

Schedule your analyzer, calibrator, probe controller or probe for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to factory depot repair for complete maintenance and factory specification service.

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