Sandra Nason
Technical Support Specialist
Environmental and Process Monitoring

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Sandra has been working for Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2007 and brings her expertise in electronics, production and testing towards quick and comprehensive solutions for our customers. 

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Consider replacing your sintered filter on the vacuum vent valve with our new disposable filter. When the temperature drops below 10°C your monitor’s pump will remain on to keep warm and in high particulate conditions, your sintered filter could clog quickly causing filter change and pump failures. With our new disposable filter, you will know immediately when it needs to be replaced because you will see the dirt collecting on the filter. This new filter assembly is easy to install and will last longer than the existing filter for units operating in colder climates.

See Technical Bulletin for installation instructions.

To order the filter kit, call (866) 282-0430, option 1 and request Part Number 55-012146.  

For more information on cold weather preparation for this and other particulate ambient instruments please visit October 2014 Talk Tech Q&A.



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