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Accelerating food biotech

There are several arguments that support the need for new developments in food biotech; there are estimated to be 10 billion people on the Earth around 2050, and approximately 70% of arable land and 25% of fresh water has been used to maintain the livestock, which is responsible for around 17% of global greenhouse emissions. This means that using animals to convert plants into meat is significantly inefficient.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a known leader of solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry. The very same solutions are also being used in manufacturing in the food biotech industry, especially Cultivated Meat.

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In the Cultivated Meat niche, there is focus on bioprocessing reactors, cell culture media development (serum-free), and supplements (including growth factors), as well as cell lines (mammalian, avian, and fish) including cell design improvements. It correlates to the technology processes employed in biotech/biopharma for the development and production of biotherapeutics and vaccines.

We offer a comprehensive suite of best-in-class products to support the rapidly growing food biotech industry including single-use technology. Single-use bioreactors have the advantage of not requiring heated sterilization, saving on turnaround time, cross-contamination, water, and energy costs.

We understand that your business requires the highest quality standards and that speed to market is critical in the success of your business. Thus, we offer a partnership approach to solving your business challenges and provide expertise to assist you during all phases of development, as well as optimized manufacturing processes.

What sets us apart is our understanding of the complete workflow:

  • Optimized cultivation processes for your cell cultures
  • Media development solutions for your needs
  • Data control software that can be used at all phases of food development and can grow with you from research to production
  • A comprehensive portfolio of rigid and flexible single-use containment systems and consumables

To learn more about our broad portfolio of products to support the food biotech industry, please follow the links below:

For research use or further manufacturing. Not for diagnostic use or direct administration into humans or animals.