Ensuring the safety and quality of food and beverages can be challenging. Quality and safety of raw materials, through the manufacturing process to the end products must be constantly monitored to ensure regulatory compliance.

Analytical and microbiological testing is essential for food safety and food quality. It is able to detect chemical contaminants such as antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals. It is also key for adulteration, food fraud and other unexpected impurities testing, such as extractables and leachables and veterinary drugs residues.

Whether you are testing for contaminants, or developing a new production process, we are here to help. Our innovative food and beverage testing solutions, analytical instruments and consumables, along with our knowledgeable employees, allow our customers to maintain their focus where it should be — on delivering safe, high-quality food products that consumers expect.

Within the food and beverage learning center you will have access to all food and beverage analysis techniques available to the modern testing laboratory. We look at food microbiology testing, manufacturing and processing, food analytical and authenticity testing as well as beverage testing.

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Application compendium

This food integrity compendium highlights key applications for the testing of authenticity, adulteration and Halal foods.

On-demand webinar

Use of Stable Isotope Analysis in Commercial Food Authenticity Testing

Learn from experienced experts and in-house specialists on the use of differentiated technology in the field of food integrity in this educational webinar series.

White paper

Analytical Challenges for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Food: Sample Preparation, Processing, Extraction and Cleanup

White paper discussing the analytical challenges for pesticide residue analysis in food.


Learn how the food safety testing being undertaken in laboratories with our equipment is the same type of testing that is done for Halal testing.

White paper

An Overview of Regulation and Control of Pesticide Residues in Food

This white paper provides an overview on the regulation and control of pesticides in the European Union, United States, Japan, China and across the globe.


Current Trends in Food and Beverage Analysis

Discover current trends in Food and Beverage Analysis from experienced industry experts and in-house specialists from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

On-demand webinar

Pesticide Residues Analysis Webinar: Shifting the Paradigm in GC-MS Pesticide Analysis

Join Prof. Fernandez-Alba, who will share his thoughts on the performance of GC-HRAM technology including the ease of use, performance, and effectiveness of the GC-MS system and intelligent software for the analysis of pesticides in fruit and vegetables.


This brochure will help you understand what you WANT to look for in beverages, what you SHOULD look for and the INSTRUMENTS used to find it.

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