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As a brewer, you use both art and science to serve your customers safe, fresh beers with great character. Your business depends on quality, consistency, and flavor – which requires precision, efficiency and expertise.

Thermo Scientific offers an unmatched combination of durable equipment, purchasing convenience and solid end-to-end customer service to help brewers of all sizes deliver their best beers.

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Spend time in our 3D interactive Beer Lab and review the various quality and testing workflows for beer available from Thermo Fisher Scientific. 

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Accurate testing is the key to good beer

Quality brews start and finish with precision. It means testing the chemical composition at each step of the beer making process, helping ensure you create the quality and consistent beer your customers crave. Click on a card below to explore more.

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Featured Article: Clearing Beer Haze with Advanced Turbidity Testing Technologies

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Steve Guay explores the use of turbidity meters and other analytical instruments in helping to create newer more sophisticated craft brews. The article emphasizes the need for a turbidity meter in various stages of the brewing workflow and discusses the increased quality that can be achieved when using a meter.

 Read the article in Food Safety Tech


pH and beermaking

Explore the various ways that monitoring pH influences beermaking, including how it impacts the quality and flavor, and when it should be monitored to help ensure a top quality brew.

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Testing tools for your best brews

For over 60 years, we have partnered with food and beverage industry leaders, including breweries to help make complex quality measurements routine.

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During the beer tour, you'll learn how our equipment can be used to monitor and balance your brew through the chemical reactions that occur in various phases of brewing.

Each email will cover a different topic, they are:

1. Achieving consistency in your incoming water quality
2. Balancing your brew before and during fermentation
3. Analyzing your brew prior to packaging
4. Monitoring and treatment of wastewater

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Art + Science = Quality Beer
Crafting formulas that keep customers coming back


Quality, consistent brews are crafted in the lab

The right lab product at the right step in your workflow can make all the difference in creating high quality, consistent beers for your customers. Find the right products for the job below.

We’re here for you—before, during, and after your purchase

All Orion and Orion Star instruments come with a two-year minimum warranty, a technical support team ready to help you troubleshoot any potential issues, and service team available for product calibrations and repairs. We can’t wait to partner with your brewery to help you achieve your quality, consistency, and flavor goals through precision, efficiency, and expertise.

Featured products for your brewery

Monitoring the chemical profile of you incoming water.

Test key elements of your incoming water to ensure that the flavor profile of your incoming water is consistent with each brew with the below products.

Monitoring your brew before and during fermentation 

Keep your beer in balance during malting, mashing, lautering, and fermentation with the below products.

Heratherm General Protocol Ovens for determining moisture content of barley, malt, etc.

Orion Portable pH and Dissolved Oxygen Meter for testing pH of brew and wort oxygen levels.

Orion Star T910 pH Automated Titrator for measuring total acidity

Monitoring your brew before packaging 

Analyze your beer for bitterness, turbidity and microbiologicals to ensure optimal flavor and clarity.

AquaMate UV-Vis Spectrophotometer to measure color of wort and beer, FAN nutrients, IBU, etc.

AQUAFast Turbidity Meter to measure haze  

Monitor your brewery’s wastewater to help stay compliant

Frequent analysis of biochemical and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD), turbidity, and pH in your wastewater can ensure your brewery stays complaint.

Precision Low Temperature BOD Refrigerated Incubator
 for 5-Day BOD testing (Available in North America only)

AQUAfast AQ3700 Portable Colorimeter
 for a quicker alternative to BOD testing when used with an Aquafast Thermoreactor

AQUAFast Turbidity Meter to measure turbidity in relation to TSS

Orion Star A216 pH/RDO Benchtop Meter to ensure pH levels are within regulatory limits

Let us help you find the right supplies to help ensure consistent quality and taste

Explore our beer brochure which may help you select the right product for each stage of the brewing workflow: from incoming water treatment and monitoring, beer production, quality control and packaging, to outgoing water treatment, Thermo Scientific laboratory supplies are available to help you create the perfect tasting brew each and every time.

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Ready to take your testing to the next level?

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