Helping you serve quality, consistency and flavor

As a brewer, you use both art and science to serve your customers safe, fresh beers with great character. Your business depends on quality, consistency, and flavor – which requires precision, efficiency and expertise.

Thermo Scientific offers an unmatched combination of durable equipment, purchasing convenience and solid end-to-end customer service to help brewers of all sizes deliver their best beers.

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Accurate testing is the key to good beer

Quality brews start and finish with precision. It means testing the chemical composition at each step of the beer making process, helping ensure you create the quality and consistent beer your customers crave. Click on a card below to explore more.

beer chemical profile

How does the chemical profile of the water used for brewing affect beer?

beer fermentation

How do fermentation, filtration and pasteurization impact flavor and quality?

beer wastewater

What needs to be done to prepare wastewater for elimination?

Download the complete infographic, Science behind great tasting brews ›


Art + Science = Quality Beer
Crafting formulas that keep customers coming back


You have great beer down to a science


Let us help you find the right supplies to help ensure consistent quality and taste

Explore our beer brochure which may help you select the right product for each stage of the brewing workflow: from incoming water treatment and monitoring, beer production, quality control and packaging, to outgoing water treatment, Thermo Scientific laboratory supplies are available to help you create the perfect tasting brew each and every time.

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Our experts are here to help

We know how important it is to have support before and after you purchase equipment. Thermo Scientific testing products come with more than 60 years of product expertise and a team of scientists to support you. From product videos to application notes, live technical support to repair services, we are here to help you succeed, batch after batch.

Ready to take your testing to the next level?

Request a demo of Thermo Scientific beer testing products. Visit the water analysis instruments and water purification demo request site for more information.

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