Wine should ONLY be wine

Wine should ONLY be wine

People trust their wine to be exactly as they expect: unadulterated, safe, and consistent. Our customers know how long it takes to build a brand’s reputation and how quickly one can disappear. So they come to us and our widest instrumentation portfolio - ion, liquid and gas chromatography, metal analysis, mass spectrometry, discrete analyzers and data management - for accurate, reliable answers for their wine testing needs.  

Wine Analysis – from Grape to Glass - An analytical testing digest of the wine manufacturing process

Understanding the analytical wine analysis process is essential for those in the industry following regional regulations for wine safety and ensuring wine authenticity, guaranteeing consumers are purchasing a high quality final product. This wine analysis digest also contains external references throughout for further insightful information and also access to relevant peer reviews journal abstracts.

Wine Safety Testing

Understanding the demands of wine safety testing can be a complex task for the laboratory with numerous analytes and residues to monitor. Our technologies, experienced applications competence, and chemistries provide ideal solutions for the analysis of wine.

Wine Quality Testing

Ensuring the quality of wine whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a new product, we can help. Our knowledge, innovative products, and range of solutions allow our customers to maintain their focus where it should be – delivering high-quality wine that consumers expect.

Wine Authenticity Testing

With over 10,000 grape varieties monitoring authenticity, adulteration and fraud poses a serious challenge for the wine industry. From composition to geographical origin we have developed innovative technologies and applications for wine authenticity testing.

Process Monitoring in Winemaking

Monitoring and controlling the chemical reactions in the winemaking process is part of the science and artistry of producing an exceptional balanced product. We deliver liquid sensing solutions to ensure your winery is equipped with reliable, easy-to-use instrumentation.

Wine Case Study

In a laboratory on the Wilmington, North Carolina, waterfront, a team of chemists is hard at work. Through the powers of liquid chromatography and ion trap mass spectrometry, the chemists are analyzing bottle after bottle of wine and beer. Their mission: to determine your next glass. 

Discover how Sicavac, a wine testing laboratory located in the Loire Valley, evaluates 40,000 wine samples per year to maintain the age-old tradition of producing high quality Sauvignon Blanc. Learn how our discrete analyzer provides the laboratory with rapid, reliable, and easy to operate equipment and guarantees quality results for their winemakers. 

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Ensure batch-to-batch consistency with BeerCraft Software and GENESYS 50 or 150 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers. Tests are preprogrammed for fast, easy quality analysis.

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Webinar Rapid Photometric Detection for Food and Beverage Applications Discrete Analyzer  
Brochure Complete Solution for Testing Acids in Wine and Juice Discrete Analyzer BR71639
Application Note Titratable Acidity of Red Wine by Manual Titration (Potentiometric) Water Analysis Instruments AN010
Application Note Analysis of Underivatized Amino Acids in Wines by Solid Phase Extraction and HILIC-MS Wine Analysis AN73785
Application Note Underivatized Amino Acid Analysis in Wine by HILIC Separation and Mass Detection Acid Analysis AN73151
Application Note Measuring Clarity in Wine using Turbidity Water Analysis Instruments AN013
Application Note Fast and Accurate Automated Method for Free Sulfite Analysis in Wine Discrete Analyzer AN71451
Application Note Determination of Catechins and Phenolic Acids in Red Wine by Solid Phase Extraction and HPLC Chromatography AN20583
Application Note Identification and Quantification of Impurities in Wines by GC/MS Mass Spectrometry AN52242
Application Note FT-NIR Analysis of Wine Molecular Spectroscopy AN50813
Application Note Iron, Copper and Zinc Determination in Wine using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Trace Elemental AN43189
Webinar Fast and Accurate Sugar, Acid, and Sulfite Analysis Using Automated Discrete Analyzers Discrete Analyzer  
Case Study Testing Time Decreases Ten-fold for a Commercial Wine Lab in Germany Discrete Analyzer CS71286
Technical Note Glucose-Fructose, L-Lactic acid, L-Malic acid, Acetic Acid and pH in Wine Samples, Evaluation of Automated Methods Discrete Analyzer  
Application Note An Enzymatic Method for Acetaldehyde Testing of Alcoholic Beverages Discrete Analyzer AN72653
Technical Note A Method Comparison Study of Total Acids (Wine, pH 7) and OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) Wine Total Acidity Method Discrete Analyzer TN42013
Technical Note Evaluation of a Fully Automated Method for the Measurement of Glycerol in Wine Discrete Analyzer TN1/2012
Poster Note Fast and Accurate Automated Method for Free Sulfite Analysis in Wine Discrete Analyzer PNP105
Application Brief Determination of Cations in Fruit Juices Chromatography AB117
Application Proof Note Determination of High Sugar Concentrations in a Sparkling Wine Sample Using a Compact Ion Chromatography System Chromatography APN186
Application Proof Note Determination of High Sugar Concentrations in a Rice Wine Sample Using a Compact Ion Chromatography System Chromatography APN189
Applications Notebook Alcoholic Beverages Chromatography LPN3086
Webinar Novel LC Approaches to Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages: From Fast and Easy Quality Control to Exploring the Sensometabolomes Chromatography  
Infographic Wine Should Only be Wine Chromatography  
Flipbook Wine should ONLY be wine. Application Summary Compendium Chromatography AB72110
Smart Note What is Better for Automating Wet Chemical Analysis? Integrated Discrete Analyzer or Flow Analyzers? Chemical Analysis SN73521
eBook Analytical Guide for Routine Beverage Analysis Wet Chemical Analysis EB73110
Flyer Automate Your Wet Chemical Analysis Discrete Analyzer FL71241

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