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From food safety analysis and nutritional research, to chemical analysis for food quality and food integrity, our portfolio of application notes, white papers, videos and on-demand webinars demonstrate how our chromatography and mass spectrometry systems consistently deliver data that is compliant with regulations. Topics include the analysis of dietary supplements, food packaging contaminants, pesticide residues testing, trace metal analysis and veterinary drug residues testing.

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Food analytical testing subtopics

Carbohydrate Testing Information

Carbohydrates are important food components affecting taste and nutrition. The determination of the types and concentrations of carbohydrates in foods is integral for energy evaluation, nutritional labeling, quality control, and for identifying possible adulteration.  

Dietary Supplements Information

Nature provides the source for many dietary supplements. But there is still much to be learned about these molecularly diverse compounds. Our instruments and products allow customers to confidently extract, quality and identify these complex natural products.

Environmental Pollutants in Foods Information

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a strong commitment to supporting laboratories charged with the task of researching and monitoring environmental pollutants. Our commitment ensures high productivity, added value solutions for some of the most challenging environmental pollutant determinations.

Food Packaging and Contact Materials Information

Packaging and Food Contact Material compounds can migrate from polymeric materials used in food and beverage packaging into the foods and beverages themselves. Turn to us for solutions for the testing of these packaging chemicals in foods and beverage samples.

Food Processing Contaminants Information

Processing contaminants are generated during the processing cycle of a product. They are formed when a chemical reaction takes place between the food and processing (e.g., disinfection, fermentation, heating, canning, or grilling).

Natural Toxins & Biotoxins Analysis Information

Natural toxins are chemicals that are naturally produced by living organisms. They are of major concern to the worldwide economy because of annual revenue lost due to contamination, the toxicity to both animals and humans, and because they are persistent throughout multiple food processing steps.  

Nutraceutical Analysis Information

The global nutraceutical industry is growing each year with the introduction of new products. For all nutraceuticals, the compositional quality and safety must be monitored to track contamination, adulteration, product consistency, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Nutritional & Food Label Testing Information

From routine monitoring of chemical and elemental compounds to food safety, nutritional research, and food label testing our portfolio offers options that fit your requirements.  Our instruments provide sensitivity and robustness as well as efficiency for all your Nutritional and Food Label Testing needs.  

Pesticide Residues Testing Information

Everything you need to ensure your success in pesticide analysis. That’s what we provide you and your laboratory. Start-to-finish workflows to help regulatory, food monitoring and testing laboratories meet the challenges of today and the future requirements of tomorrow in pesticide residue testing.

Trace Elemental and Speciation Analysis Information

Trace elemental screening and speciation analysis is receiving global attention.  Some elements are an essential part of a healthy diet, but others, such as lead, mercury, arsenic  and cadmium, offer no nutritional benefits to humans and are actually toxic.

Veterinary Drug Residues Testing Information

Antibiotics are a group of chemicals that are widely used in animal husbandry primarily for protection of animals from disease but also as growth promoters. The EU has set maximum residue limits for a variety of antibiotics in animal tissues, milk and eggs.