Growth of the nutraceutical industry

The global nutraceutical industry is growing each year with the introduction of new products. With this growth, come many more analytical challenges. For all nutraceuticals, the compositional quality and safety must be monitored to track contamination, adulteration, product consistency, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a recognized leader in providing analytical solutions for sample preparation, liquid chromatography for compositional testing, and chromatography data management for compliance and quality testing of nutraceuticals. 

Beverages Application Notebook: Functional Waters / Drinks

For all beverages, the compositional quality and safety must be monitored to help track contamination, adulteration, product consistency, and to ensure regulatory compliance from raw ingredients (water, additives, and fruits) to the final product. 

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Resource Number
Application NoteRapid Separation of Catechins in Tea Using Core-Shell ColumnsChromatographyAB150
Application NoteDetermination of Steviol Glycosides by HPLC with UV and ELS DetectionsChromatographyAN241
Application NoteFast Determination of Anthocyanins in Pomegranate JuiceChromatographyAN264
Application NoteSensitive Determination of Catechins in Tea by HPLCChromatographyAN275
Application NoteRapid and Sensitive Determination of Anthocyanins in Bilberries Using UHPLCChromatographyAN281
Application NoteSteviol Glycoside Determination by HPLC with Charged Aerosol and UV Detections Using the Acclaim Trinity P1 ColumnChromatographyAN293
Application NoteRapid Separation of Anthocyanins in Cranberry and Bilberry Extracts Using a Core-Shell Particle ColumnChromatographyAN1042
Application NoteTargeted Analyses of Secondary Metabolites in Herbs, Spices, and Beverages Using a Novel Spectro-Electro Array PlatformChromatographyAN1063
Application NoteDetermination of the Punicalagins Found in Pomegranate by High Performance Liquid ChromatographyChromatographyCAN106
Application NoteLC-MS Analysis of Anthocyanins in Bilberry ExtractMass SpectrometryAB134
Application NoteSimultaneous Analysis of Water-Soluble Vitamins in Vitamin-Enriched Beverages and Multivitamin Dietary Supplements by UHPLC-MS/MSMass SpectrometryAN294
Application NoteMulti-Residue Pesticides Analysis in Herbal Tea Products by GC-MS/MSMass Spectrometry 
Application NoteDetermination of Iodide in Multivitamin-mineral Supplements using Ion ChromatographyChromatographyAN000069