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From routine monitoring of chemical and elemental compounds to food safety, nutritional research, and food label testing our portfolio offers options that fit your requirements. Our instruments provide sensitivity and robustness as well as efficiency for all your nutritional and food label testing needs.

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Complete Solution for Testing Acids in Wine and Juice

Organic acids provide the freshest, purest tastes while other acids play a minor role in fermentation and contribute milder, more complex flavors. Learn how using discrete photometric analyzers can reduce hands on time and produce less waste. 

Simultaneous Determination of Vitamins A, E, and D3 in Milk-Based Nutritionals by On-Line Two-Dimensional HPLC 

Learn about an efficient high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for simple and sensitive determination of retinol (vitamin A), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), and tocopherol (vitamin E) in milk-based nutritionals such as infant formula, adult formula, milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Complete solution for Isohumulones in Beer

Isohumulones form approximately 80% of the typical bitterness of beer. Their antimicrobial effect leads to a sterile beverage, their tensioactive character stabilizes the foam, and they have a major influence on the general flavor, smell, and smoothness of beer.

Edible Oil Workflows: Compositional and Trace Contaminant Analysis

Edible oils are among the most abundant cooking ingredients in the world. They are used in baking and frying food and for products such as salad dressing, margarine spreads, and dips. In addition, edible oils are used to produce nonfood products such as cosmetics and as a feedstock for making biodiesel fuel.

Steviol Glycoside Determination by HPLC Using the Acclaim Trinity P1 Column

In December 2008, the U.S. FDA recognized rebaudioside A purified from Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use as a sugar substitute in foods. Since this recognition, stevia products have become popular as table-top and beverage sweeteners. 

Mogroside V Determination by HPLC with Charged Aerosol and UV Detections

Luo han kuo fruit has long been used in traditional Asian medicine. Recently cucurbitane-type and other triterpene glycosides have been isolated from the fruit and investigated for numerous potential health benefits such as antioxidant activity, anticancer effects, and antihyperglycemic effects.

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Application BriefDetermination of Cations in Fruit JuicesChromatography 
Application BriefDetermination of Carbohydrates in Fruit Juice Using Capillary High-Performance Anion-Exchange ChromatographyChromatographyAB127
Application BriefDetermination of Capsaicinoids in Chili Pepper Using HPLC-ECDChromatographyAB163
Application BriefDeconvolution of Curry Powder Constituents Using HPLC-ECDChromatographyAB168
Application BriefTwo-Dimensional HPLC Separation of Vitamin D in FeedstuffChromatographyAB174
Application NoteRapid Determination of Fat in Meat Using Accelerated Solvent ExtractionSample PreparationAN334
Application NoteExtraction of Fat from Chocolate Using Accelerated Solvent ExtractionSample PreparationAN344
Application NoteExtraction of Vanillin From a Cola Soft Drink Using SOLA with Analysis by GC-MSSample PreparationANCCSSOLAEXVAN
Application NoteIon Chromatography: A Versatile Technique for the Analysis of BeerDiscrete AnalysisAN71410
Application NoteAnalysis of Fruit Juice Adulterated with Medium Invert SugarChromatographyAN82
Application NoteDetermination of Sugar Alcohols in Confections and Fruit JuicesChromatographyAN87
Application NoteDetermination of Organic Acids in Fruit JuicesChromatographyAN143
Application NoteRapid Determination of Phosphate and Citrate in Carbonated Soft Drinks Using a Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography SystemChromatographyAN169
Application NoteCholine in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals, a Single Laboratory ValidationChromatographyAN193
Application NoteDetermination of Lactose in Lactose-Free Milk Products by High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric DetectionChromatographyAN248
Application NoteHPAE-PAD Determination of Infant Formula Sialic AcidChromatographyAN253
Application NoteDetermination of Mono-, Di-, and Triphosphates and Citrate in Shrimp by Ion ChromatographyChromatographyAN1007
Application NoteDetermination of Ammonia in Tobacco SmokeChromatographyAN1054
Application NoteDetermination of Myo-Inositol (Free and Bound as Phosphatidylinositol) in Infant Formula and Adult NutritionalsChromatographyAN1083
Application NoteDetermination of Anions in Breast MilkChromatographyAN1112
Application NoteSimultaneous Determination of Vitamins A, E, and D3 in Milk-Based Nutritionals by On-Line Two-Dimensional HPLCChromatographyAN1117
Application NoteAnalysis of Catechins Using a Accucore XL C8 4 μm µm HPLC ColumnChromatographyAN20536
Application NoteAnalysis of Fat Soluble Vitamins Using a Accucore XL C18 4 μm HPLC ColumnChromatographyAN20539
Application NoteGC Analysis of Acylated SugarsChromatographyAN20558
Application NoteGC Analysis of Derivatized Amino AcidsChromatographyAN20560
Application NoteDetermination of Catechins and Phenolic Acids in Red Wine by Solid Phase Extraction and HPLCChromatographyAN20583
Application NoteSeparation of a Mixture of Vitamin K Isomers Using a Solid Core HPLC Column at Sub-ambient TemperatureChromatographyAN20590
Application NoteFast Analysis of Coffee Bean Extracts Using A Solid Core HPLC ColumnChromatographyAN20610
Application NoteComparative Analysis of Cooking Oils Using a Solid Core HPLC ColumnChromatographyAN20663
Application NoteGC-FID Method for the Comparison of Acid- and Base-Catalyzed Derivatization of Fatty Acids to FAMEs in Three Edible OilsChromatographyAN20733
Application NoteAnalysis of a Sports Beverage for Electrolytes and Sugars Using Multi-Mode Chromatography with Charged Aerosol DetectionChromatographyAN20847
Application NoteSeparation of Curcuminoids from Turmeric – Comparison of Polar Embedded and C18 Solid HPLC Core ColumnsChromatographyAN20853
Application NoteQuantitative Analysis of Catechins in Tea by UHPLC/UVChromatographyAN52038
Application NoteFast and Accurate Automated Method for Free Sulfite Analysis in WineChromatographyAN71451
Application NoteMeasurement of Vitamin D in Milk and Infant Formulas Using Automated Online Sample Preparation with LC-MS/MSMass SpectrometryAN568
Application NoteLC-IRMS - Carbon Isotope Fingerprints in Routine Honey Fraud AnalysisMass SpectrometryAN002003
Application NoteIdentification and Quantification of Impurities in Wines by GC/MSMass SpectrometryAN52242
Application NoteSimultaneous Quantification of Nutritional Nucleotides and Nucleosides in Infant Formula Using HPLC-UV-MS/MSMass Spectrometry 
Application NoteMeasurement of Vitamin D in Milk and Infant Formulas Using Automated Online Sample Preparation with Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass SpectrometryMass SpectrometryAN63631
Application NoteAmino Acid Analysis in Legumes by Liquid Chromatography - High Resolution Accurate Mass - Mass SpectrometryMass Spectrometry 
Application NoteFT-NIR Analysis of Czech Republic BeerMolecular SpectroscopyAN51702
Application NoteFT-IR Multi-Component Analysis of Fructose SyrupMolecular SpectroscopyAN51705
Application NoteFT-NIR Analysis of WineMolecular SpectroscopyAN50813
Application NoteFT-NIR Rapid, Multi-Component Analysis of SoybeansMolecular SpectroscopyAN51954
Application NoteQuantitative Analysis of Wheat Flour Using FT-NIRMolecular SpectroscopyAN52269
Application NoteDetermination of Trace Sodium in Cranberry PowderTrace Elemental AnalysisAN1003
Application NoteAccurate Analysis of Low Levels of Mercury in Fish by Vapor Generation AATrace Elemental AnalysisAN40992
Application NoteIron, Copper and Zinc Determination in Wine using Flame Atomic Absorption SpectroscopyTrace Elemental AnalysisAN43189
Application NoteIron and Magnesium Determination in Meat using Flame Atomic Absorption SpectroscopyTrace Elemental AnalysisAN43190
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Bottled WaterChromatographyLPN3082
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Functional Waters/DrinksChromatographyLPN3082
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Fruit JuiceChromatographyLPN3084
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Carbonated BeveragesChromatographyLPN3085
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Alcoholic BeveragesChromatographyLPN3086
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: MilkChromatographyLPN3087
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Drinking WaterChromatographyLPN3088
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: SugarsChromatographyLPN3089
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Additives in BeveragesChromatographyLPN3090
Application NotebookBeverages Applications Notebook: Coffee and TeaChromatographyLPN70006
Application UpdateFast Determinations of Phosphate and Citrate in Carbonated Beverages Using On-Line Degassing with the Carbonate RemovalChromatographyAU153
Poster NoteA Novel Platform for the Measurement of Secondary Metabolites in Botanicals, Supplements, Foods and Beverages - Part 1ChromatographyPN70019
Poster NoteCarbohydrate Analysis using HPLC with PAD, FLD, Charged Aerosol Detection, and MS DetectorsChromatographyPN70026
Poster NoteA Novel Platform for the Measurement of Secondary Metabolites in Botanicals, Supplements, Foods and Beverages - Part 2: Targeted AnalysesChromatographyPN70020
Poster NoteA Novel Platform for the Measurement of Secondary Metabolites in Botanicals, Supplements, Foods and Beverages - Part 3: MetabolomicsChromatographyPN70027
Poster NoteDetermination of Organic Acids and Anthocyanins in Cranberry ExtractChromatographyPN70227
Poster NoteAn Improved Global Method for the Quantitation and Characterization of Lipids by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Corona Charged Aerosol DetectionChromatographyPN70533
Poster NoteDetermination of Choline in Infant Formula and Other Food Samples by ICChromatographyPN70581
Poster NoteDeterminations Of Inorganic Anions And Organic Acids In Beverages Using Suppressed Conductivity And Charge DetectionChromatographyPN70725
PosterThe Determination of Major and Trace Elements in Milk using ICP-Q-MSTrace Elemental AnalysisPN43201
PosterDetermination of Isoxanthohumol, Xanthohumol, Alpha and Beta Bitter Acids, and trans and cis-Iso-Alpha Acids by HPLC with UV and Electrochemical Detection: Application to Hop and Beer AnalysisChromatographyPO70081
Technical NoteFast Separations of Anions and Organic Acids in A Carbonated Beverage Using High-Pressure Capillary ICChromatographyTN118
Technical NoteFast Separations of Organic Acids in an Orange Juice Sample Using High-Pressure Capillary ICChromatographyTN119
Technical NoteDeterminations of Monosaccharides and Disaccharides in Beverages by Capillary HPAE-PADChromatographyTN135
White PaperHPAE-PAD for the Analysis of CarbohydratesChromatographyWP70651
White PaperA New Approach for Capillary Ion Chromatographic Separation of Carbohydrates and Amino AcidsChromatographyWP70462
Application NoteSimultaneous Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite in Spinach and Meat by Ion ChromatographyChromatographyAN73450
Application NoteEasy and Sensitive Method for Sorbitol Determination in Food ProductsChromatographyAN73905
Product SpotlightDual EGC – A Simple Solution for Complex Carbohydrate AnalysisChromatographySP72566
Application NoteSimple Method for Determination of Food Additives E953 and E965ChromatographyAN000084
Application NoteDetermination of Iodide in Multivitamin-mineral Supplements using Ion ChromatographyChromatographyAN000069