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Analysis, inspection, and control of ingredients and packaging in the lab and on the floor.

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There are X-ray detection technologies designed specifically to meet the rigors of today's innovative packaging. Here are the key features to consider when selecting an X-ray inspection system for your food processing business.


Customer testimonial: Catallia Mexican Foods

Family-owned Catallia Mexican Foods turned to Thermo Fisher Scientific to help manage underfills and overfills of its packaged tortilla products. The Thermo Scientific™ Versa Flex Checkweigher for dry applications was the right solution.

Application note

A standard task in the Quality Control of typical food spreads is the determination of the yield stress in a container. For this purpose a vane rotor needs to be moved into the intact product structure in a perfectly vertical movement.

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Consumer safety has always been a primary concern for food processors. However, the recent enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has turned the intensity up even higher. 

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checkweighing and checkweigher ebook

A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing

Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line. That means knowing that the weight of a packaged product being shipped out the door matches the weight on the label. Do you have the right equipment for providing reliable weight control? To find out how checkweighers work, and which one will work best for you, read A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing.

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Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food

Keep consumers safe, protect your brand

Do you have the right food product inspection equipment in place to keep consumers safe and protect your brand? X-ray inspection systems and metal detectors can find virtually any foreign object in your packaged food products. To find out how they work, and which one will work best for you, read
A Practical Guide to Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food.

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