Quality assurance throughout the process

Under pressure to ensure your food or beverage meets customer specifications while also increasing your plant’s yield and profitability? We can help. Use our leading near infrared (NIR) technology to quickly and accurately measure moisture, fat, protein and other constituents.

Need to see what’s inside the pipe? To measure constituents in meat, dough and other raw materials that flow through a pipe, use our guided microwave spectroscopy technology. Want to ensure your food has the proper texture? Use our viscometers, rheometers and extruders to determine viscosity, elasticity, processability and temperature-related mechanical changes of food.

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Yield Stress of Jam, Chocolate Spread and Peanut Butter Measured with HAAKE Viscotester iQ and Vane Rotors

Measuring the rheological properties of food can help companies produce consistent products enjoyed by consumers.  Evaluate processability, pourability and more to optimize food ingredients and formulations.  

Learn how the Arena discrete analyzer can assist in quality control throughout the entire production process from raw materials to fruit juice products.

Learn why the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester iQ Rheometer is the instrument of choice in QC environments.

Whether you're analyzing food, feed, or beverages, the Thermo Scientific Antaris II FT-NIR analyzer helps ensure product quality from beginning to end.