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Detecting physical contaminants in food, such as metal, glass, stone, plastic and bone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially when the contaminant may be as small as 1 mm in diameter. Our accurate, reliable food inspection equipment, including food metal detectors and X-ray detection systems provide the highest sensitivity so you can find virtually any metallic or non-metallic substance in your packaged food. Our checkweighers provide accurate and reliable in-motion weighing. 

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Specialty food resources

With different types of packaging for different types of fruits and vegetables, including metallized film, deciding what kind of technology to use and where in the plant it is needed can be a challenge.

Evolving inspection/detection technology can help both baking and snack food companies get their products to market contamination-free and in the case of multiple-item packs, with all of the promised pieces in place.

Dairy products come in a variety of containers and can be wet, frozen, solid, or powdered. Evolving inspection/detection technology can help dairy product producers get their goods to market contamination-free and in the case of multiple-item packs, with all of the promised pieces in place.  Learn where X-ray inspectionmetal detection and checkweighing equipment should be used in the dairy industry.

Consumers are buying more frozen foods because they are staying home more and cooking for themselves. Frozen food processors must step up production but still produce food without compromising safety.

Processing meat products is inherently fraught with risks that present product quality and safety challenges to food processors. Learn how to overcome the metal detection, x-ray inspection, and weighing challenges associated with beef, chicken, pork, and fish that have high product effect and harsh washdown conditions.

Food Safety Inspection of Pet Food

The right combination of inspection solutions ensures consistent production of high quality, contaminant-free pet food products, safeguarding pet safety and protecting brand reputation.

Food product inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Shifting Preference Toward Packaged Food 

Thermo Fisher Scientific is seeing a shifting preference toward fresh versus packaged food which means a growing number of its customers (food processors) will need inspection equipment that is specifically engineered for those types of applications. Read the article.

checkweighing and checkweigher ebook
A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing

Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line. That means knowing that the weight of a packaged product being shipped out the door matches the weight on the label. Do you have the right equipment for providing reliable weight control? To find out how checkweighers work, and which one will work best for you, read A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing.

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White Paper: Plant-based proteins
White paper: Plant-based proteins

Discover how to meet the challenges of innovation and food safety.

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Read A Practical Guide to Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Fooda newly updated and expanded foreign object detection ebook for the food industry to:

  • Learn the basics of technology options.
  • Gain insights into the factors to considering when selecting a detection technology.
  • Learn how our process can pinpoint the best fit for your application.

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