Food Safety Inspection of Baked Goods and Snacks

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Most manufacturers of snack foods and baked goods use food safety and quality inspection technology, including food X-ray inspectionfood metal detection and food checkweighing equipment to help ensure they get their products to market contamination-free and in the case of multiple-item packs, with all of the promised pieces in place. 

But with different types of packaging for different types of baked goods and snacks, including metallized film, deciding what kind of technology to use and where in the plant it is needed can be a challenge. Here are some resources to help manufacturers of snacks and baked goods ensure a quality product gets into the hands of the consumer.

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Customer Testimonial: Catallia Mexican Foods
Hear how a producer of corn and flour tortillas uses metal detectors at critical control points in his facility as a line of defense, and checkweighers to make sure the products they ship meet package weight requirements.

Metal detection, x-ray inspection, and checkweighing information resources

Product inspection equipment systems can help provide you with the performance and service you need to improve the quality and safety of your products. Visit our Food Weighing & Inspection equipment center to learn about food metal detectors, food x-ray systems, and checkweighing equipment.