inspection of fruits and vegetables

Fast, efficient inspection of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are grown in fields, orchards, and on farms. Sometimes rocks, metals and glass particles buried in the dirt are harvested along with the fresh foods themselves and inadvertently enter into the production process. Also, occasionally, pieces of equipment like mesh screens, nuts or bolts fall into the fruit and vegetable piles as they are being sorted, cleaned, and packaged. And if the fruits, like various berries are being added to other products (jams, prepared foods, or bakery goods), there are more areas in the plant where potential contaminants may be introduced.

Most manufacturers of packaged foods involving fruits and/or vegetables use food safety and quality inspection technology, including X-ray inspectionmetal detection, and check weighing equipment to help ensure they get their products to market free of physical contaminants. But with different types of packaging for different types of fruits and vegetables, including metallized film, deciding what kind of technology to use and where in the plant it is needed can be a challenge.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a recognized leader in providing in-line inspection and monitoring solutions to ensure safety, quality and production efficiency by detecting physical contaminants, validating net content, verifying product integrity and analyzing constituents.

Here are some resources to help processors of fruit and vegetable products ensure a quality item for consumption gets into the hands of the consumer.

Selectscan technology enables food processors to have an easy way to rapidly identify the single best frequency for an application. It tunes out product effect and adapts results to account for temperature changes and electromagnetic interference.

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Metal detection, X-ray inspection, and checkweighing information resources

Product inspection equipment systems can help provide you with the performance and service you need to improve the quality and safety of your products. Visit our Food Weighing & Inspection equipment center to learn about food metal detectors, food x-ray systems, and checkweighing equipment.

A Practical Guide to Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food

A Practical Guide to Metal Detection and X-ray Inspection of Food
X-ray inspection systems and metal detectors can find virtually any foreign object in your packaged food products. To find out how they work, and which one will work best for you, download this eBook.

A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing

A Practical Guide to Checkweighers and Checkweighing
Knowing that the weight of a packaged product being shipped out the door matches the weight on the label is part of your food quality process.  Read this practical guide about checkweighing.

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Multiscanning Technology Improves Metal Detection and Food Safety

Why Multiscanning Technology Improves Metal Detection and Food Safety
Food inspection systems with multiscan capability can scan up to five completely adjustable frequencies to find metal types and sizes previously undetectable. Here are the most frequently asked questions about this new technology.