Preventing Foreign Object Contamination in Plant-Based Proteins Products

Preventing foreign object contamination in plant-based proteins products

It’s important for food manufacturers innovating plant-based protein products to maintain the utmost food safety measures to prevent foreign object contamination, ensure food safety and quality, and avoid costly recalls.

Vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes — which are among the key ingredients in plant-based protein products — are grown in fields, orchards, and on farms. Sometimes stones, metals, and glass particles in the field are harvested along with the fresh foods and inadvertently enter into the production process. An X-ray detection and inspection system can help find such physical contaminants that could be contained in supplier’s bulk materials.

Also, plant-based products are highly processed, and each processing step introduces a risk of foreign object contamination from the equipment in use. Broken pieces of screens, loose hardware, or other metal objects may inadvertently enter the process stream. Industrial food metal detectors, including those that utilize Multiscan and Selectscan technologies, can find ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants.

Learn more about product inspection challenges and solutions for the rapidly growing plant-based protein market. Help ensure that the plant-based innovations you bring to market are free from foreign objects that could damage your brand and pose a risk to consumers.

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